Financing despite credit bureau and bad credit

Car financing despite credit bureau is not impossible!

Customers with a negative credit bureau entry are no longer a rarity today. In the meantime, several million consumers are being denied funding by a negative credit bureau entry.

The credit bureau itself is silent about the exact number of consumers who have a poor score value.

Several experts have confirmed that many entries in the credit bureau are not authorized and the records are either out of date or completely incorrect. Often consumers are given a negative note and although it is not yet certain whether the registered claim is legitimate or not.

We already have over 100,000 successfully brokered loans and just as many satisfied customers!

May we also take action for you? With just one credit request, you can reach up to 20 banks with us!

Auto finance, despite credit bureau with the car loan

Auto finance, despite credit bureau with the car loan

With negative credit bureau entries, it can happen that one or the other car dealer can offer you no car financing. This is often difficult when buying a car. However, this is no reason to assume that financing at all other banks will be flat rate rejected.

We help our customers even when it is more difficult to find the right bank, so that you can finance your dream car despite negative credit bureau. You can be sure that your request will not be immediately rejected because of minor blemishes in your credit bureau statement.

With us, your loan request is always free, you never pay us any pre-cost. Even with negative credit bureau we do not reject our customers immediately, our credit experts try to find a satisfactory solution even in difficult cases.

A financing of your new car is also possible with current loans and despite credit bureau, with us you get despite debt a real chance for a favorable financing.

Requirements for successful financing

Requirements for successful financing

In order to receive a loan, you, as applicant, must fulfill the following conditions:

  • Of age (minimum age 18 years not older than 85)
  • Residence in Germany (a permanent residence is required here)
  • Minimum income of about 1,300 usd net per month
  • An indefinite employment contract

If all prerequisites are met you will receive a non-binding loan offer on the same day. The loan request is free and non-binding for the applicant.

Financing despite credit bureau – fast and cheap, just inquire online

Financing despite credit bureau - fast and cheap, just inquire online

  • Credit from 2,000 to 100,000 usd
  • You need a new refrigerator or should it be a new kitchen. With the cheap credit despite credit bureau you can fulfill your wishes easily. Apply now for your personal loan offer and benefit from the favorable financing.

  • Credit for free use
  • You have an open desire that you want to fulfill? A new TV, new furniture or a new car. With the financing in spite of credit bureau you get a loan for favorable interest rates and an adapted rate.

  • Financing also possible despite credit bureau
  • Take advantage now of your chance for a loan despite credit bureau. You get the best deal, from more than 20 banks, your loan request is free and non-binding. Realize your small and big dreams now.

  • A cheap loan offer also possible despite credit bureau.
  • Credit for employees, pensioners, self-employed or civil servants. Instant loan even in difficult times (eg debt, credit without credit bureau)

Attention! – No chance with negative credit bureau?

Attention! - No chance with negative credit bureau?

No, that’s usually different than you think. As it turns out, customers with a negative credit bureau have a real chance of a cheap financing. Each bank has its own internal lending policies, so lending decisions can be very different.

What does that mean for you?

Through our many years of experience, we help our customers, for over 40 years for cheap credit. Even in difficult cases, we have a good chance of success. We always work customer-oriented: For this reason, our service is 100% free for you.

credit bureau briefly explains:

An inquiry of the credit bureau is basically only a component of the actual credit check of a bank.

Put simply, the lender also pays attention to your income and property. Their income and expenses are compared by the bank in a budget statement.

Financing despite credit bureau, what do I have to consider?

Financing despite credit bureau, what do I have to consider?

When financing, it should be noted that the terms and conditions for a loan to finance it are as favorable as possible. But what is who we as a customer have a negative credit bureau entry, is then a financing despite credit bureau possible?

Their funding was denied because of a negative credit bureau entry. Somehow or other, it is formulated by a seller who he has to tell us that the dealer can not offer us financing. Most of the time, there’s a question, “We’re happy to offer you the device for cash, or maybe you have a credit card?”.

Yes maybe or maybe not! Why should we pay the cash if we could finance the desired device at favorable interest rates ? But because of a credit bureau entry we are denied funding. The seller does not ask why we own a credit bureau entry.

With the highest probability, we could not answer such a question before. Most customers do not realize that you actually have a bad credit bureau score. You may or may not even own a credit card, but most of the time it is a loan that is much cheaper than a covered credit card. With a loan in spite of credit bureau, you can unnoticed an entry with the credit bureau, financially financing their desire.

What is important for financing?

For funding, it is important that the rates we pay monthly are not too high. We should not expect more than we can actually carry. Cheap interest and good conditions are the nuts and bolts of financing.

Many customers have the desire that their instant loan is as flexible as possible. These include, special repayment options, at no extra cost or the possibility for one month to be able to stop paying installments. That everything has to provide good financing for a customer.

Can I despite negative credit bureau finance?

Can I despite negative credit bureau finance?

We clearly say yes – because a financing is possible despite negative credit bureau. For example, you want to finance a new or used car, furniture or a new kitchen? In this example we show you how the financing works:

I want to finance a car, is that possible?

Yes, there are some things that you can buy with our loan. If you want to know more, please read on.

Example – Car finance despite credit bureau, it goes:

Example - Car finance despite credit bureau, it goes:

Step 1: Your dream car

You have already found a suitable vehicle or are you still looking?

Then our offer is the right one for you! Regardless of whether you want to buy your car from the dealer or privately, our financing offer gives you the best possible conditions.

Step 2: Financing offer

You ask us a free request for a loan of, for example, 10,000, – usd.

Our credit experts are looking for the right bank for you with the cheapest offer. Within 24 hours you will receive your non-binding financing offer.

Step 3: Loan payment

Good news!
Your loan application has been audited and approved by the bank.

The payout usually takes no longer than 48 hours, so two working days. The amount will be paid in full and the money will be transferred directly to the account you have specified.

Step 4: ay the car barYou already have the necessary money and can now pay the car directly to the dealer.

But wait, there’s more: by buying the car with cash, most sellers get a cash discount. Would you like to know more? More information can be found on this page.

Advantages at a glance:

Advantages at a glance:

  • Simply cheap
  • Our credit experts are looking for the cheapest financing from over 20 banks. For several years, we have been communicating seriously and independently to our customers.

  • Years of experience
  • We process up to 2000 financing inquiries daily, through our many years of experience and best service, we are one of the leading providers of this kind.

  • Free & without obligation
  • Finance your wishes today with our free loan offer. You will receive your personal financing offer within a few hours and completely free of charge and without obligation.

The request only takes 5 minutes!

The request only takes 5 minutes!

1 Loan amount and purpose

2 Complete the form

3 Submit Form

Interest rate example – 01.03.2017
3000, – usd loan amount with 100% payment

Duration (months) Monthly Rate effective interest rate *
12 258.84 EUR 6.66% *
24 132.39 EUR 5.72% *
36 90.27 EUR 5.39% *
48 69.23 EUR 5.23% *

* effective annual interest, non-binding sample calculations

How can I finance a car with a loan?

How can I finance a car with a loan?

With our loan you can pay your car directly at the dealer. But that’s just part of the story, most traders offer their customers a cash-on-sale discount, no less than 2% of the purchase price.

Step 1: Your dream car

Whether trader or private with the credit despite credit bureau, you can simply cash your Wünsch car

Step 2: Credit offer

You will receive the best possible loan offer from over 20 banks free of charge and without obligation

Step 3: Loan payment

Your loan will usually be paid out within 24 hours of the bank’s review

Step 4: Buying a Car

Financing despite credit bureau, a good alternative in difficult times.

Financing despite credit bureau, a good alternative in difficult times.

If your own house bank refuses financing, most customers know no alternative. Fortunately, there are banks that have quickly adapted their lending criteria to today’s times. Previously, customers with a negative credit bureau entry had very little chance of successful financing.

But today things have changed a lot, and many lenders have changed their way of thinking, much to the benefit of their customers. So today it is possible for those customers who were previously closed by a credit bureau entry the way to credit, to open the doors against wide.

A loan despite credit bureau is for many customers a last alternative, but not equal to judge as the worst. Through a credit brokerage today, all customers have the opportunity to get a cheap loan offer.

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