10 things you need to buy at the dollar store to save big this year

Houston, TX – It’s the start of the week and Paula Whitfield, mother of two fast-growing boys, Robby and Myles, is making her shopping list.

His very first stop, surprise! The Dollar Tree website to check prices for what she needs.

“I just have to be aware of every dollar right now with the way inflation is going and everything is so expensive. I mean, saving every dollar is more important than ever,” Paula says. time to shop around for prices at five different stores.”

Paula is a small business owner who operates FasTest Labs in Midtown.

So, as a wife, mother and leader, she is acutely aware of our 40 year high rate of inflation, rising food prices, rising children’s clothing AND rising furniture. Of house.

“Yes, I actually go to the dollar store to buy cleaning supplies and I buy gift bags there because I always run to a birthday party and I also buy cards there because I don’t don’t want to have to spend six or seven dollars on a card at the pharmacy,” Paula said.

Now, with the help of shopping savings expert Nora Kapche, The Coupon Contessa, we’re about to show you the ten things you simply need to buy at the dollar store to survive this inflation storm. .

At number one, that’s about as timely as it gets, Christmas decorations.

“Bill, holiday decorations are one of the best buys we can find at Dollar Tree,” Nora said.

And we’re not just talking about cheap standard glass bulbs. Here you can find high-end, rich and really creative tree ornaments, wooden holiday signs, shiny and hanging displays, and many Christmas characters that we all love.

“They even have the Grinch,” Nora said.

Then festive gift bags, for Christmas, birthdays, whatever. And they have some big names here to choose from, including Disney brands.

“It’s amazing, you have brand characters like Disney characters, Frozen and Mickey Mouse and Jurassic Park, The Minions. It’s fantastic,” Nora said.

They say education is the best gift you can give yourself, so school supplies are next on our list.

“It’s huge. School supplies. You can shop all year round from top brands for $1.25 and you get big names like Sharpie, Crayola, Bic, Elmer’s, and more,” Nora said.

How about hair supplies for women?

No, we’re not talking about hair products, shampoos and sprays, because everyone has their favorite brands.

Instead, look at scrunchies, scarves, hair clips, brushes of all kinds, combs and mirrors.

I mean, why pay $6-10 for a mirror when you can get it for about a dollar?

“Yeah, you can find some wonderful brands at the dollar store too. Just for example, Goody has these awesome hair clips. And look at this, it’s a great find, 12 combs for $1.25, you can’t not beat that,” Nora said.

How much do you spend on glassware?

Here they have wine glasses, margarita glasses, decorative glasses and they are all for about a dollar.

And there’s more.

“Look at these water canisters for the table. They look so much classier than having a plastic bottle on your table at parties and such,” Nora said.

Hey, let’s get organized and stop paying a flat fee just to keep your stuff in order!

Our next big savings discovery is organizational products.

“Yeah, why pay a fortune in certain stores? It’s all color coordinated. You can use them under your cabinets or in the laundry room to put the kids’ toys in,” Nora said.

Another household necessity and we all use them and you can find great discounts on them, the next category is kitchen utensils

But Nora says you need to be selective and look for real quality as opposed to junk food.

Nora suggests you handle the product and feel it for its sturdiness and durability.

She also suggests buying name brands.

“Again, these are a great buy, cookie cutters, scissors, serving utensils. I found avocado tool and name brands, like McCormick, Betty Crocker. They have a really wide variety but you have to look through it and see the quality. Pick it up and hold it in your hand,” Nora said.

Next… No, you won’t find any designer brands here, but if you’re looking for cheap sunglasses that aren’t cheap, the dollar stores have them!

“Here you can get a variety of colors and styles and they’re only $1.25 so it doesn’t matter if you lose them,” Nora said.

Now wrapping up at number nine on our list, we have helium filled party balloons.

I bet you weren’t expecting this one.

“Yes, they can be found for $4 to $5 or more each in a normal store, but here they’re only $1.25 and they last for several days,” Nora said.

And number ten on our list of great deals, greeting cards for birthdays, Christmas and special occasions. They look really good and yes you can find big name brands just like you find in card shops.

“Look at this bill, it’s Hallmark greeting cards here, two for $1 and sometimes $1 each. They’re wonderful cards and anywhere else you’d pay $5 or more easily,” Nora said.

In the end, Nora and I purchased a total of 58 items in the categories just described here and spent a grand total of just $76.

Then we went to another very popular discount store, where many of us shop every week, and bought the same or very similar items, and the same number of items, and the total general in the other store was over $276. .

That’s about three and a half times more than what we spent at Dollar Tree.

Merry Christmas and happy shopping!

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