22 beautiful and unique tile ideas to brighten up your home


Interior design fans will know that while trends come and go, tiles remain a leading versatile decor item that can bring any space in the home to life, especially if you go beyond the perfect place for tiles on a bathroom floor. And while we love tried and true subway tiles, with so many unique color combinations and patterns to choose from, there is nothing like a vibrant tile design to showcase your personality in a space.

Whether you’re looking to spruce up a kitchen backsplash or add style to your entryway, we’ve got you covered. We contacted tile experts from Tucson, Arizona, up to Markham, ON, for unique tile ideas that you can incorporate into your interior. Here’s how to mix things up and create a unique look in your home.

Tile Ideas You Can Use In Your Kitchen

1) Blessed with a cooking island? Decorate it with the same mosaic tiles you used on your kitchen wall. Give your kitchen a “wow” factor by using the same mosaics on your cooking island as those used on your kitchen wall. We suggest Kit Kat mosaics as these small tiles will be easy to process. Make sure to place them vertically if your island has rounded edges. –The mosaic factory

2) Create a stark contrast in your kitchen with a backsplash laid with hand-painted glossy geometric patterned ceramic tiles on a mirror polished black granite tile countertop. The reflection of the tiles on the granite will bring great life to your cooking space. –Blue mosaics

3) Don’t be afraid to be bold in your kitchen by using tiles as art on a large scale. Tiles that create a pattern or scene on your backsplash add a surprising element that is both delicious and unexpected. Also, if you are working with high ceilings, be sure to continue the tile all the way below the ceiling. –Design Ann Gottlieb

4) Use decorative tiles on walls, counters and built-in cabinets. Mix and match various designs and colors, including contrasting grout options. Raised tiles give an extra visual “punch”, even though the colors are similar and subtly different. –New York Tilesetters

5) Give your basic subway tile a unique touch by installing it in a vertical stack as opposed to the traditional offset pattern. This tile stacking pattern creates an illusion of height in any space and adds a modern touch to a classic tile. –Elkins + Co Interiors

6) Tiling the face of your island makes it a unique and eye-catching feature. A simple but often overlooked space in the kitchen is the island. Add a pattern or a touch of color to your island and make your kitchen like no other. –Coast Tile and Marble Supply

Incorporate These Tile Ideas Into The Living Spaces Of Your Home

7) Use reflective tiles to open up a small space. Shiny or reflective tiles – think glazed ceramic or polished glass – amplify natural light in a room, even making a cozy downstairs powder room larger and more airy. Use mirror tiles under your cabinets to create a reflective backsplash and open up a small kitchen, or glass subway tiles in a narrow shower to bring in light and make it more spacious. –Tile club

8) Transform the standard subway layout into a herringbone pattern or go for a vertical or stacked layout for a more modern feel. Think outside the box when it comes to your tile layout to create a unique and fun look. These tile ideas are easy ways to create your own pattern without paying the price of more intricate patterned tiles. –Willaby Road

9) Use leftover slabs to create custom tiles that showcase the natural patterns of the stone. Infuse the natural swirling patterns of the stone into your tiling project with the help of your local stone manufacturer. Just get some leftover stone from larger slab projects and cut those leftovers so that your tiles match the prominent stone veins in your mural. Sustainable, profitable and truly unique. –Adamo stone design

10) Use decorative ceiling tiles to create a beautiful ceiling. With decorative ceiling tiles, you have the freedom to choose your preference from many designs, patterns and colors. Faux copper, faux silver, antique faux copper, antique faux silver, and weathered faux copper will create a stunning ceiling. Glue them together with overlapping edges or install them in a grid suspended ceiling by inserting the tiles under the existing acoustic tiles in the ceiling. –Ceiling Tiles By Us

11) Large format tiles give the illusion of a more spacious room. In addition, the simultaneous use of natural and non-slip finishes of the same tile creates continuity between interior and exterior spaces. Including the pool and garden with custom coping, stair treads, wall caps and more made from pavers of the same graphic can instantly transform even a small space into a well-coordinated oasis. Look for product lines that have interior and exterior finishes as well as pavers and copings that can be customized to meet your design needs. –Pera tiles

12) Use tiles to add a pop of color and pattern to your risers. There are several ways to make your statement with your risers. Tiles can last more than a lifetime and can be a way to mark your heritage. We can create custom coordinated color stories that include trims to finish the edges cleanly, or if you are on a budget you can choose from our collection in stock and mix and match to suit your needs. –Ceramic concepts

13) Create a serene spa-like shower in your home using porcelain wood for the walls. Not only is it affordable, but this look also creates a maintenance free shower thanks to the porcelain wood that can be cleaned with any product on the market. Pair it with a marble mosaic for the floor and inside your doghouse, and your look is complete. –Home LMP

14) If you don’t know where to start to make your rooms look organic and natural, let floors and walls be your starting point for setting the background. Choose a wood-look porcelain tile that appeals to you the most, your style and your decor, and start embracing the natural beauty of your home. A design mixing calming hues of blue and shades of white and beige tile, whether it is a combination of patterns and solids or completely solids, can open up the space and enhance a calm and relaxing home with a look. breathtaking contemporary. –Tile merchant

Enjoy the outdoor life with these tile ideas

15) Use leftover tile to create a functional mosaic for your home or patio. Gently break off any leftover tile from the back with a light hammer blow. Then organize a design for a side table, a plant stand, or even an accent for a cement wall. From there, glue the leftovers with thinset, then grout the mosaic once the thinset is dry. Your creative pieces will add a subtle harmony to your interior decoration. –Mosaics by Andrea Edmundson

16) Create a feeling of ultimate luxury with an outdoor shower. Outdoor showers are a great addition to the outdoor lifestyle. In fact, it encourages him even more. For a few brief moments, it transports you to a place more exotic than your own backyard. –Clay imports

17) Install colorful water safety surface tiles on your pool deck to add slip resistance and padding coupled with the ability to create bold patterns and designs. Create color gradients from geometric shapes for a unique and visually interesting look. Also consider using this design approach for safer, more vibrant bathroom surfaces. –Living floor

tile ideas for your bathroom

Ready to make a statement? Use tiles as accents

18) Tile your ceiling to make a statement. With different shapes, sizes, textures, colors, and color blends, you can create a focal point that no one expects. -ARTO

19) If you want to incorporate mosaic tile into your space but don’t want it to be overwhelming or expensive, get creative with accents and borders. It’s a perfect way to add a pop of color and texture to places like bathroom walls, shower niches, and swimming pools. Mosaic borders can be anywhere from 2 to 24 inches wide. –MEC artwork

20) There are two words you need to know if you are looking to enhance a room in your home: accent wall. Whether it’s glazed picket tiles or colorful terrazzo, decorating a single wall with a beautiful, handmade tile is the perfect way to liven up and enrich a space. –Eso surfaces

21) Be sure to check out the different styles and materials for your accent wall. Doing your due diligence and checking out the different styles, patterns, and materials will give you reassurance to get the result you like best in your space. –Joseph & Fils mosaic

22) Be your own designer. Think outside the box and beyond the standard pre-fabricated designs and layouts, and consider creating a custom design that sets the tone for the entire space. If you have a favorite photo, textile or pattern in mind, Artaic can help you create something that looks like you by turning any image into a very personal and personalized tile mosaic. –Artic

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