25 different and unique bridal blouse back designs that brides can choose for their wedding

For every bride, the perfect bridal outfit is one of the most important things for their wedding. Without the ensemble, jewelry, and makeup, no woman can feel the good vibes of the bride. But to find the right outfit, every bride goes through a lot of struggle. It certainly takes a lot of time and energy. However, whether a bride decides to wear a saree or a lehenga, it is the blouse or the choli who can make or break a look. If a bride pairs her gorgeous outfit with a baggy, poorly designed blouse, it can totally ruin her look.

It is the design of the back of a blouse that is considered the essential part. Even though there are hundreds of trendy and fashionable blouse designs in the market, here is a list of bridal blouse back designs from unique embroidery to customization. latkan embellishments, which can help you choose. So without wasting any time, let’s jump straight into decoding the designs so you can add your favorites to your favorites!

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#1. Elegant Bow Back Blouse Design

the bride

A blouse with a bow design on the back is one of the must-haves for every bride. This design adds an edge to the blouse and gives a princess vibe. It is a perfect choice for Mehndi, cocktail or reception. A high ponytail hairstyle or a bun will accentuate the look.

#2. Doli custom embroidery back design

the bride

This full size blouse design is surely something you need to bookmark. The design features the bridal ensemble doli entry embroidered on the back of the blouse with gold thread and resham. The pearl and jhumkis embellishments gave an elegant look.

#3. Backless design

the bride

Even though it is one of the most common designs, it never goes out of style. The backless style gives a unique look to every woman’s back and adds an edge to the outfit. A side swept hairstyle or a bun hairstyle will look good on the bride.

#4. Bride-groom embroidery design

the bride

Blouse designs related to wedding customizations are quite common. However, this blouse design features bride and groom pattern embroidery on the sheer material with gold thread.

#5. Blouse with pompoms

the bride

A backless blouse adorned with pompoms or jhumki hem embellishments add charm to the look. It should definitely be one of your choices for any of your wedding ceremonies. A bride can even pair with her own bridesmaids Mehndi or a cocktail party wearing the same patterned blouses.

#6. Back adorned with pearls

the bride

What looks best with floral outfits? It’s pearls and pearls. If you are looking to pair your floral lehenga or saree with a blouse, this beaded piece will be a perfect choice, with a floral headdress or added hair accessories accentuating the look.

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#seven. Cross design

the bride

Want to give an original touch to your wedding or your reception? Then this open back blouse with crossed details will be perfect. This type of blouse adds elegance and gives a fun look to your ordinary outfit. A topknot hairstyle will be perfect for this.

#8. Sunset back design

the bride

Another blouse back design is the sunset cutout design. It especially looks good with Kanjeevaram sarees. Many South Indian brides opt for this type of blouse for their wedding. The cutout features golden thread embroidery that gives the bride an ethereal look.

#9. Sleeveless scalloped design

the bride

Another hassle-free blouse design is the sleeveless blouse with a scalloped deep square back. It is a perfect choice for your Mehndi Where HaldiWhere sangeet see. It gives you a trendy look and also adds a stylish touch to it.

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#ten. Blouse decorated with brooches

the bride

Another common blouse back design is a beautiful brooch. It is a must have for every bride. Brides can recreate looks with this blouse outside of their wedding day for future purposes.

#11. Simple and elegant buttoned design

the bride

One of the most beautiful and elegant blouses is one that has a button down or chained design. The back is covered with a fabric decorated with intricate embroidery. It is a perfect choice for brides who want to look like a royal princess.

#12. Blouse with mirror effect

the bride

Mirror work is very trendy for all brides. So, a blouse that can complement this outfit should have mirrored embellishments, and it looks stunning on brides.

#13. Glans dori blouse

the bride

Pompom blouses dori the design helps accentuate the bridal lehenga look. It is a must-have piece for every bride. A bun adorned with gajra could give an edge to the whole look.

#14. Strappy blouse design

the bride

A unique and trendy back design of a blouse is with attached straps. Beautiful mesh patterned straps, as well as pretty fabric details, give a fresh look to the look. It will be a perfect choice for any bride for her daytime events.

#15. Multi-string back design

the bride

Want to go bohemian? This bride opted for a designer multi-string blouse with personalization that featured bird figures, dreamcatchers, matkas and some other cute little things made with it resham. This multi string blouse design will be perfect for a bohemian look for your sangeet Where Mehndi ceremony.

#16. Keyhole back blouse design

the bride

A cut-out back blouse looks gorgeous with lehengas or even sarees. It is simple and yet leaves an ethereal look. A bride can pair this blouse with subtle jewelry and a bohemian updo with hair accessories for a sangeet or a cocktail.

#17. Attached blouse with pom pom details

the bride

Enhance your look by draping a beautiful saree with a blouse adorned with pom poms at the back. It adds charm to the whole thing and gives the bride a boho-chic vibe.

#18. Custom tassels attached to the back

the bride

We have seen many personalized wedding trousseaus including jewelry, outfits, dupatta and others. This blouse back design is not too showy, but sometimes brides opt for a personalized tassel for the blouse where they put their ornate names on the padded cushion. latkans. Isn’t that super trendy?

#19. Jeweled back designs

the bride

Blouse designs with cutouts are very common. But the jeweled details make it unique. This bride had opted for heavily embellished choli to associate with his lehenga. However, the blouse had an elegant jewel detail on the shoulders, adding an edge to the whole look.

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#20. Deep V line with pearl details

the bride

Nowadays, fashion designers also come up with different designs of blouses to give modern brides a trendy look. However, the age-old deep V-line never gets out of the fashion world. This bride chose a red ensemble and paired her look with a matching blouse that had a deep V-line with a tassel detail and was beaded with the hemline.

#21. Back with fancy cutout

the bride

A fancy teardrop cut and a detailed design blouse definitely deserves to be in a bride’s wardrobe. This South Indian bride looked stunning wearing this over-embroidered gold thread, bead and embellished blouse.

#22. Double Tie Blouse

the bride

Double-dori The tie back design has never gone out of style. Brides wearing these semi-backless with double-dori detailed blouses look sultry. It goes perfectly with a saree and a lehenga.

#23. Heavily embellished design

the bride

Heavily embellished blouse designs are very common among South Indian brides. They like to wear heavily embroidered designer blouses with Kanjeevaram or silk sarees. From temple patterns to different embroidery designs with beads, gold thread, zari and sequins, these blouses surely make a difference in looks.

#24. baarat custom back design

the bride

In this list, we have mentioned two custom wedding related blouses. This is another one that featured baarat cutout on the back of the blouse, magnifying the back of the bride. The blouse was embroidered with gold thread, pearl and mesh ornaments and transparent details.

#25. Inverted V blouse back design

the bride

A simple inverted V back is both elegant and chic. It can be paired with a lehenga or a saree and will look just as good. It will be a perfect choice for the cocktail party or sangeet to party.

So, these are the 25 blouse back designs that can give your various wedding looks a spin-off. These are trendy and unique but also classy and elegant. Which would you choose for your wedding day? Let us know!

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