3 Hong Kong designers are semi-finalists for the Redress Design Award 2022

Another year, another Redress Design Award. For the 2022 edition of the sustainable fashion competition, three Hong Kong-based designers find themselves semi-finalists — and you can vote to put them in the final!

In case you’re not familiar, the Redress Design Award is the world’s largest sustainable fashion design competition, but it’s so much more than that. Each accepted designer embarks on a months-long educational journey with talks and workshops that help shine a light on the new circular economy and how, exactly, one can design in a way that is sustainable, scalable, and commercially viable.

Think of it as a bootcamp that culminates in a Project Runway-style contest that rewards the first-place winner with a chance to join VF’s Timberland team to collaborate on a design project, among many other prizes (including HK$80,000 development funding).

This year, three Hong Kong-based designers are among 30 semi-finalists selected from hundreds of entries and you, yes you, have a chance to secure their place in the final competition. Before you Vote (be sure to do so before the May 9 deadline!), meet the semi-finalists below.

Meet the 2022 Hong Kong Redress Design Award semi-finalists:

Lola Clavel

If you’re of the opinion that being fashionable and being eco-friendly are mutually exclusive events, then semi-finalist Lola Clavel strongly disagrees with you. Clavel’s collection for the Redress Design Award, titled “Past Future Tense”, revisits the Japanist aesthetic that saw kimono and embroidered silks transported from then-isolated Japan to European countries at the turn of the 20th century – with great fanfare.

Clavel’s sustainable approach to its Redress Design Award collection includes using 100% cotton and end-of-the-roll fabrics sourced from local retailers to create designs from zero-waste pattern techniques.

“I aspire to be part of a new generation of designers who create more by consuming less,” says Clavel.

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Lam Chi Fu

Splicing, dicing and all manners of deconstruction and reconstruction define Lam Chi Fu’s collection for the 2022 Redress Design Award.

“The process of making something new out of old fabrics gives me a great sense of accomplishment and allows me to design in a sustainable way,” says Lam, who holds a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design from Nottingham Trent University and a Higher Diploma in Fashion Design from the Hong Kong Design Institute.

Lam’s The Mods collection is inspired by the British subculture movement of the same name in the 60s and combines military jackets and suits with denim components to create all-new silhouettes – usually military-inspired and oversized with heavily layered proportions – from discarded pieces. samples.

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Laurent Restagno

The formality that undermines how and where costumes are worn usually takes away the fun of a very stoic dress genre. Lorenzo Restagno, holder of a master’s degree in Chinese philosophy from the University of Turin, another in finance from the University of Luxembourg and in-depth studies in contemporary music composition, designs to the rhythm of a drummer, finally , much cooler.

“I believe that biodegradability and natural fibers are the most effective solution to the immensity of fashion waste,” says Restagno, semi-finalist of the Redress Design Award 2022.

By interlocking three-dimensional floral appliqués in traditional tailoring – all, of course, sustainably made with natural monofibers from end-of-roll wool stocks and unsold cotton twill shirts – Restagno very effectively brightens up the costume of work. Just in time for spring!

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