6 backdrop ideas to try for your next vlog


There are many aspects to creating videos for stationary vloggers – content planning, camera settings, lights, monitors, sound, and editing. But there is one element that is often overlooked; the backdrop.

Video backgrounds contribute to the overall style and production value of a vlog, and there are different ways to achieve the aesthetic you want. This article will explore a few backdrop methods that you can try for your next video.

Why the backdrop method is important

Your viewers mostly watch your vlogs for what you have to say, however, the visual components of the video are also important – this refers to props and backdrop.

Backdrops dictate the style of your video, which will influence your brand as well as the amount of traffic it brings to your channel. You should consider the backdrop as an essential part of your vlogging room setup, just like the rest of the equipment.

If you’ve got an idea for the design or style you want in the background, but don’t know how to execute it, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to discuss some backdrop methods, and since different methods allow for different types of aesthetics, you can determine which one is best to highlight yours.

1. Printed paper screens

Vlogging man;  Paper wallpaper

The advantage of paper screens is that they are inexpensive and you can print just about anything on them. There are a wide variety of solid colors, ombre colors, patterns, and images that you can purchase. Some companies even allow you to design your own print, so you can really customize the style.

Paper screens are usually mounted on background mounts, and while they won’t break the bank, you don’t need to buy one. Paper is a lightweight material, so you can easily stick it on a wall instead.

2. Curtains

Blue curtain backdrop

Yes that’s right, you can use your curtains as a backdrop. First of all, the curtain should be visually appealing – it should have a color or pattern that matches your aesthetic. And make sure it’s clean!

You can keep the curtain on its railing and set up your gear to face it. But you can also hang it on a background stand or fix it to the wall with high strength double sided tape. Once it’s in place, make sure the folds are evenly distributed.

Because the curtains are not two-dimensional, it will produce shadows. It’s a great addition of texture to the style, but it can easily get messy to work with. The best solution: LED studio lights. With the right angle, it will soften the shadows and balance the texture.

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3. Decorative accessories

Table with decorative accessories

It can easily turn out to be one of the more expensive setups, so you have to be smart about it. There’s no need to go out and splurge on expensive things for the bedroom – use what you have, borrow from a friend, or shop secondhand. Picture frames, flowerpots, lamps, and clocks are great places to start.

It will take a lot of creative thinking to put together decorations that don’t match your style or are not of high quality, but it’s definitely doable. Take a look through social media for creative DIY project ideas. You will probably need spray paint and a glue gun.

You can use this backdrop method in front of a regular wall, but it also works well when combined with the sheet of paper or curtain method. And, unless the pieces are tall, you might need a table behind you to place them.

4. Green screen

Filming against green screen

Everything is possible with a green screen, that’s the point of using it. You will need two things for this: a green screen and a program that offers green screen editing.

You can buy a paper green screen for next to nothing and set it up in a jiffy. And learning how to edit green screen is quite easy, we recommend computer software like After Effects or mobile editing app like Video Star.

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5. Twinkling lights

Sparkling lights backdrop

Having lights in front of the camera lens may seem like spoiling the exposure, but companies produce background lights specifically designed to be captured in photos and videos. Have you ever been to a wedding venue? There are usually some twinkling lights (or fairy lights) somewhere, and they translate beautifully on camera.

Similar to decorations, twinkle lights are more of an accessory and will work well against a plain wall, sheet of paper, or curtain. They can be draped over a backing or attached to a vertical surface with a temporary adhesive.

Be sure to follow any precautions that might come with the packaging, as electric lights can pose a fire hazard.

6. Marker board or blackboard

Woman standing in front of the blackboard

If you were still in school before computers became the norm, you might remember those black and green boards or whiteboards that teachers wrote and drew on. Well, they can also be used for cosmetic purposes.

They are not as cheap as paper screens, but still affordable, and you can get really creative with them. Not only can you draw pictures and patterns to complement the style of the video, but you can also write the points of your content instead of editing it with text, which is very original.

Keep in mind that you will either need to drill holes to secure it to a wall or get a strong adhesive that might be difficult to remove once you remove it.

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Find the perfect backdrop method for your vlogs

You can choose an endless array of styles for a backdrop, but the design display method can make a huge difference in the production value of the video.

Paper screens are inexpensive, so you can allocate the money you save to other equipment. But, maybe the genre of your content requires more expensive props, or maybe it feels like a digital backdrop lets you create more detail.

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