7 cool Apple Watch Series 7 accessories

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  • Despite a slightly different size, the Apple Watch Series 7 is still compatible with bracelets made for previous generations.
  • However, not all chargers and bumper cases are fully compatible with the latest version.
  • With Apple Watch 7 poised to become a holiday favorite, here are some accessories worth paying for.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is here with a redesigned screen. Apple’s latest smartwatch has more rounded corners, the largest screen area to date, and stronger glass. Despite the slightly different size, the Series 7 watch is still compatible with previous straps. That hasn’t stopped the onslaught of new Apple Watch Series 7 accessories, however. As with previous models, users will need to make sure to match the strap to the size of the watch: 45mm or 41mm.

Apple’s common third-party brand partners have a slew of updated styles to coincide with the updated watch. Apple watch bands are seeing new colors while several brands have entirely new styles.

Although the bracelets are compatible, Apple Watch Series 7 comes with an updated charger. The charger retains the same wireless magnetic design, but the opposite end now uses


. This change is part of what allows the Series 7 to charge faster, so owners of Apple’s latest Watch will want to ensure charger compatibility for the highest speed.

And, while the straps are compatible, the cases that wrap around the screen may not fit designs from some brands. Apple says the size changes are minimal, but some third-party case makers have listed their previously released cases as incompatible with the 7-Series. The different sizes mean not all bumpers will fit.

Here are some of the coolest Apple Watch Series 7 accessories to check out in stores.

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