7 Secrets Walmart Employees Want You To Know

Walmart is the one-stop-shop for massive savings on everything from TVs and patio furniture to bars of soap and bananas. However, the sheer size of the big box store is enough to overwhelm even the most skilled shoppers. Whether you’re a regular customer or visit a few times a year to stock up on essentials, there are Walmart tips and tricks that can save you a lot of time and money. Read on to find out the seven secrets Walmart employees want you to know.

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Walmarts tend to be huge, which can make it hard to find every item on your shopping list. However, the Walmart app simplifies this process. “The app will tell you [you] something’s in the aisle,” Reddit user and employee u/kyersthrowaway2013 explains in a thread about things employees want shoppers to know. Indeed, Walmart confirms that if you walk into a store and open their app, it will turn into a virtual store assistant, there you can see a map of the store, which can “help you find where an item is, down to the aisle and shopping area. shelf,” they write. The app also includes a product search bar and barcode scanner so you can easily read product reviews and find accurate pricing information.

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Not sure which vacuum cleaner to buy? The sales associate in the home goods department probably can’t help. “Don’t come to us for expert advice,” writes Reddit user and employee u/beepboopbebopbop. “No, I don’t know which non-clumping litter would be best for your asthmatic cat. Yes, I work in the pet section. Today, of course. Yesterday I was in the hardware store, and tomorrow I I could be in health and beauty, or I could be in paper and chemicals.” They recommend researching your purchases before heading to Walmart or visiting a more specialized store where employees might have more specialized expertise.

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Oddly enough, the clearance section isn’t the number one place to look for your local Walmart’s best budget buys. In fact, “he rarely offers very good deals,” writes Reddit user and employee u/blong217. “Most of the things there are unwanted or [low quality], with very few exceptions. Instead, go straight to the electronics department for some serious savings. “Most of the markdown high-end electronics are kept in cabinets near or under their respective items. Most discounted items are not displayed and rarely have price tags. Ask to see their permission specifically in the cases,” they add. Of course, you’ll have to wait for help from an associate, but you might be rewarded for your patience with a massive robbery.

Grocery Self Checkout Grocery Shopping Mistakes

Think you can fit four potatoes into one? Think again. According to a former Walmart employee who goes by @obeygoddess on TikTok, the retailer has developed a way to prevent this from happening. “Walmart employees who work in the self-checkout area carry devices called TC devices,” she says in a viral TikTok video. “With these TC devices, we are able to see everything you buy, the total amount of your purchase and the cost of each item.” She says if an employee suspects you’ve stolen something, they can use the device to make the self-checkout appear frozen. “At that time, you have no choice but to call for help,” she said. From there, the clerk will lead you to the main checkout area so a cashier can call you (and avoid any hijacking).

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If your local Walmart’s queue is wrapped around the store, you may be able to request another register to be opened. “Go to the checkout and say, ‘Can you call someone to jump on this checkout which is empty because this line is too long’”, ex-Walmart employee Paris-March recount The sun. Mars adds that Walmart’s policy states that there should never be more than three online shoppers. She also explains that if you ask for another register to be opened, employees are not supposed to say “no” to you. march said The sun that when she is shopping, she asks for a cash register to open when she enters the store so that there is no queue when she has finished shopping.

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Both Paris Mars and @obeygoddess note that Walmart has undercover security guards guarding its stores. “They pretend to be shopping, they might have a cart, they might have a basket, but they [are] looking at you”, says Mars The sun. In a TikTok video, @obeygoddess said his store still has two such shoppers undercover. “They were dealing with issues like someone was outside trying to start a fight…or looking for customers who were stealing or putting things in their pockets,” she explains. The former employee adds that the guards will arrest the thieves as they leave the store. Paris Mars and @obeygoddess say they often call the police.

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As with most stores, the more customers you are, the better service you will receive. “Be nice to managers and you’ll always, always, always get what you want,” Mars said. The sun. “If you speak in a normal voice and just explain things, I promise the managers will respect you and do everything in their power to make you happy.” So the next time you visit Walmart, bring your best manners. You never know what kind of benefits or special treatment it might bring you.

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