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Designers Amrita Khanna and Gursi Singh launched their new store with a photo essay on intimacy, camaraderie and hope with Ashish Shah and Kshitij Kankaria in Mumbai. The store located in the 19th century Wesley Church featured a preview of selected fashion.

Since its creation; partnership, camaraderie and conviviality have been at the heart of the label. It is faithful to the name of the brand and to the founder-partners who are building a dream together.

Payal Khandwala

However, over the years, just as our interpersonal and professional relationships have evolved, so has the understanding of what it really means to be ‘companions’. Intimacy is vital to human existence but it is its love that triumphs over all, however varied and endless its definitions.

Nitya Arora

“We are thrilled to announce that Lovebirds Studio is launching our second flagship store, this time in the city of Mumbai. To celebrate this, we are opening an exclusive art exhibition that celebrates togetherness and the great things that happen when two people meet.

Kshitij Kankaria

Displaying a photo essay on intimacy, camaraderie and hope with Ashish Shah and Kshitij Kankaria; we do not wish to explain the phenomenon of mutuality but simply to present it in its most raw form. After all, we believe in multiplying this two-world in any way possible. Say designers Amrita Khanna & Gursi Singh.

Amrita Khanna and Gursi Singh hosted their Mumbai friends Kiran Rao, Imaad Shah, Amrita Thakur, Ami Patel, Aishwarya Nayar, Maya Sarao, Payal Khandwala, Shweta Betty and many more on a wine party which was a mix of fashion and art.

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