Abhinav Mishra’s first bridal collection strikes the perfect balance between classic and contemporary

For his debut bridal couture collection, mirror-work maven Abhinav Mishra took the traditional, old-school route. From lehengas drenched in deep crimson, sunny coral and tangerine-like summer sherbet to suave sherwanis in matching hues, Abhinav’s bridal line is a kaleidoscope of Indian heritage. Before launching his successful couture brand, Abhinav started his career in the big Indian wedding scene by working with an events company of which he is now a partner. While orchestrating her larger-than-life fanfare and designing her dreamy decor, Abhinav was able to study the Indian bridal fashion scene closely, resulting in a well-rounded aesthetic that is both unique and contemporary.


Mirror work is not new to Indian fashion, but when Abhinav reinvented it many years ago with a new perspective, it was welcomed. Today, as he pushes further into the bridal market with his first bridal collection, his designs portray a colorful harmony of various handicrafts, blending effortlessly with his signature glass work at the center of all of this. In an exclusive chat with ELLE, the designer takes us through his latest labor of love, while breaking down bridal trends for us.


ELLE: In a fairly short period of time, you have carved out a place for yourself in the Indian couture market, which is a highly competitive space, tell us a bit about that?

Abhinav Mishra: The Indian tailoring market has become more competitive than ever, but my goal has always been to create a brand with a unique work style and theme. Mirror work has been an integral part of my collections since the beginning. Craftsmanship has, in many ways, become my signature – I use it in different ways in all my collections. I used it to create deconstructed patterns with Have a and silk threads, and even with prints. It plays a very important role in my brand identity as I always seek to mix mirror work with modern silhouettes. The timelessness and versatility of mirror work has helped it become a favorite in most millennial wardrobes, as I have seen over the years.


ELLE: What was the influence behind this collection and describe the process?

A M: The great Indian wedding will always be my first love and the reason why I do what I do, be it Rani Pink weddings or the love of Indian tailoring and design with our brand. Our very first bridal collection is simply titled “Abhinav Mishra Bridal 2022”. The inspiration remains in weddings and the beautiful love stories attached to them, which are not limited only to the bride and groom, but also to family and friends. It’s these little stories that inspire our entire brand story and continue to motivate us to present such great moments with our audience.


ELLE: In addition to your signature mirror work, you’ve experimented with quite a bit of craftsmanship in this collection, share a bit about that

A M: Our bridal couture ties a knot of traditions with shades of ‘laal rang’ which is considered auspicious, as red is a color of love, prosperity and new life. The line consists of traditional silhouettes including gold etched lehengas, intricate blouses with patterns and tulle odhanis worn by brides on their special day. The collection is handcrafted keeping in mind the heritage and culture of our Indian weddings using elegant techniques like the traditional Zari where thread is woven into fabrics to create intricate patterns and intricate designs, authentic Rajasthani Tikdihand embroidered Dabkatraditional Nakshi embroidery and cable stitch Marodi in the same way Have a as well as the signature Sheesha (Mirror-work) that our brand is now synonymous with.


ELLE: While your womenswear is popular with millennial brides, it was your menswear that caught everyone’s attention because of its contemporary yet traditional approach, tell us about that?

A M: Menswear will be an integral part of all my collections, my idea is to create iconic masculine styles like kurtas and pajamas but in a special way using our iconic embroideries and techniques keeping in mind fashion trends the season. With our new bridal collection, we are also creating formal sherwanis and bandhgalas but with an Abhinav Mishra twist. Abhinav Mishra’s menswear collection holds its own and is not just an accompaniment to womenswear, which might be the reason for the great response we’ve received since we launched menswear.


ELLE: What bridal trends do you think will be big in 2022?

A M: The biggest bridal trends for the upcoming summer wedding season are bright colors as well as traditional colors like red and pink with bold patterns creating a bright and festive mood that has become Abhinav Mishra’s signature. Experimentation will be key and I’m excited to see trends come to fruition.


ELLE: Any advice you would like to give to all future brides?

A M: The best advice for brides when choosing outfits for their functions is to look for comfort, choose silhouettes and colors that are flattering for them, and keep in mind the season of their functions.

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