provides the highest quality skin care and oral care products, the leading in-home salon brand, provides global shoppers with skin care, oral care, men’s grooming, hair care, foot and hand care, makeup and nail care. of the highest quality to become the best in the industry. Founded in 2016, the online brand specializes in reinventing the oral, dermal and cosmetic industries to support and encourage people on the journey of self-discovery. With its leading range of skincare and oral care products, the brand strives to provide top quality products at affordable prices with on-time delivery. is an in-home salon brand whose main goal is to make professional salon services, especially skin care and oral care services, more accessible to everyone. It does this through the launch of its line of premium and best-selling skin and mouth care products, such as Aliver Silicone Scar Sheets, Aliver Scar Removal Cream and Scar Whitening Cream. Aliver teeth. Additionally, offers a remarkable range of home salon products available worldwide, earning accolades as the global leader in professional home salon products.’s primary goal is to empower consumers to discover whole new ways to take care of themselves and become the best version of themselves. Their thoughtful and complementary line of products aims to act as a means of support and encouragement to express what is unique about them through their self-beautification.

Individuals seeking dermatologically recommended treatments for scar reduction should benefit from Aliver Silicone Scar Sheets. These scar sheets are long lasting and have proven results in not only healing scars but also lightening them. From extensive applications by plastic surgeons to burn treatment centers and hospitals, dermatologically approved scar sheets have applications in many professions.

Another amazing product that targets the same problem is the Aliver Scar Cream. This cream also aims to dramatically reduce the appearance of scars on the skin after surgeries, burns, wounds, acne, aging and stress marks. It does this using state-of-the-art technology that is safe for breastfeeding mothers. For deeply softening, repairing and revitalizing results, you can trust this brand.

“Professionalism is the hallmark of the ALIVER Home Salon System. The skin and mouth collection is slowly improving; at the same time, we are working on developing product lines for specific people with different skin types, including sensitive skin, dry skin, oily skin, acne-prone skin, and combination skin. A historic journey is on the program. Be Alive, Be Aliver,” said the founder of

Aliver Teeth Whitening Foam the toothpaste has also benefited thousands of people. This branded oral health product targets dental issues such as stains, pale teeth, and respiratory issues. The main purpose of this product is to reduce teeth stains, brighten teeth, provide 360 ​​degree dental protection and long lasting freshness.


Founded in 2016, provides high quality and affordable home salon products. The Company offers products for nails, makeup, hands, feet, skin care, hair, mouth, men and women. Professionalism and innovation are at the heart of’s product line. For more information, contact [email protected]

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