AM-III: Now Chinese scientists are developing glass as hard as a diamond; will it be used for weapons ?, Science News


Chinese scientists have reportedly developed glass material as hard as tentatively named diamond AM-III which can be widely used in the high tech industry.

AM-III is apparently a semiconductor that could pass Electric power. AM-III is composed of carbon which can also be used to make a armored window and is a semiconductor almost as efficient as silicon, say the reports.

The ability of AM-III to be used as a photoelectric device can make it an interesting product to manufacture weapons due to its ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

The ultra-resistant semiconductor device has many applications, however. mass production is still far away. The new material developed by scientists from the north China can leave deep scratches on a diamond.

Reports say the bulletproof quality of AM-III is perhaps twenty to a hundred times better than a conventional product available on the market.

Transparent AM-III can also be produced in different shapes and sizes, scientists say.

Diamonds are commonly known as the hardest material in the world and is also the most scratch resistant material on the planet.

A diamond is considered incomparable in terms of toughness and scratch resistance. It is also the hardest and most durable gemstone on the planet.

Diamonds are found in several countries with Russia, Botswana, Canada, Angola, South Africa, DR Congo, Nambia, Lesotho, Tanzania and Australia being the main producers.

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