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President Obama and the First Lady welcome French President Hollande to the White House.

Hollywood celebrities such as Lupita Nyong’o, Taylor Swift, Marion Cotillard, Sandra bullock and Salma hayek, all were dressed by this fashion staple, and let’s not forget his most faithful devotee, Renée Zellweger.

“The red carpet is very important. You have to be very careful that the right person is dressed in the right way. For me it must be a perfect look. [Herrera]

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Renée Zellweger is a huge fan of Carolina Herrera.

“The secret to staying inspired: you have to have your imagination all the time, and you have to be curious to discover new things. Allow yourself to be open to inspiration and see things in a new light. Inspiration comes from everything and nothing. You must always keep your eyes open; great things have a way to find you if you do.[Herrera}[Herrera}[Herrera}[Herrera}

Silence The Violence service from the David Lynch Foundation© GettyImages
Katy Perry wears a Carolina Herrera New York Spring 2020 Polka Dot Dress to the David Lynch Foundation’s Silence the Violence Benefit Event.

One of the youngest stars, Sofia carson, who stands out year after year among the best dressed with her haute couture outfits on the red carpets, is passionate about Herrera and all she stands for.

“I had the honor of meeting Carolina Herrera at one of her brand’s runway shows in New York and she is exactly as you would imagine: beautifully sophisticated, glamorous and at the same time so warm,” she recalls. .

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Sofia Carson wears Carolina Herrera at the 2018 MTV Music Awards

“As a designer, her looks have a language of their own, recognized and appreciated around the world. Her creations sublimate classic and timeless femininity. Accented with polka dots, expressed in yellow, black and white, or reinvented in a crisp white shirt, her designs have conquered first ladies to fashionistas around the world. Wes Gordon has become the great guardian of his heritage and his work is spectacular, ”said the young actress, one of the chicest in the entertainment world.

“For me, it is always and always will be an honor to wear Carolina Herrera’s iconic designs,” she concluded.

Carolina Herrera accepts a bouquet of roses from Wes Gordon, the newly appointed designer for the Carolina Herrera label.© GettyImages
In 2017, Gordon began consulting for Carolina Herrera and bonding with her legendary founder. A year later, he was appointed creative director of the brand.

Herrera will celebrate his birthday next January. From everyone to HELLO ! United States, we want to be the first to congratulate her and wish her many more years of success, with this delicate know-how to which we are accustomed. These are many years of hard work of which the magazine has been a faithful witness in the front row of its fugitives … Bravo and may the success continue!

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