Anna Paquin on winning an Oscar at 11 and what she wore

Each week, we ask a prominent person about their style and the inspiration behind it. In front, actress Anna Paquin.

Anna Paquin: “I started playing young, and going through puberty in front of the camera is embarrassing.” Credit:Jamie Nelson

How would you describe your style? I have two mods. One is my everyday wardrobe, my black-on-black-on-black mom uniform. Then there are the photoshoots and red carpets where I play in high-end fashion closets. So, even though they’re on opposite ends of the spectrum, the same person who lives in black jeans, a t-shirt, and Converse sneakers also likes to put on some nice, often confrontational, fashion and dress up.

What is the oldest thing in your wardrobe? I have a few wool sweaters from around 10 years old that were passed down to me – they would have done the trick for my brother and sister. I don’t wear them but I cling to them because they make me happy.

And the latest addition? I haven’t bought for myself in years. Most of my clothing shopping involves my kids growing out of something.

Anna has been buying the same style of J. Crew ballet flats for 20 years.

Anna has been buying the same style of J. Crew ballet flats for 20 years.

What would you wear…
… on the first date? I have no idea! I’ve never really dated, and I’ve been with my husband for 15 years.
… on a plane? My favorite comfy black Mother Denim jeans, a black t-shirt, a black cardigan and J. Crew ballet flats – I’ve been buying the same style for 20 years.
…on the red carpet? I’ve worn some amazing designer clothes, but my favorite is Alexander McQueen – edgy fashion meets exquisite tailoring. I love that all her collections tell a story. Sarah Burton picked up where he left off.

What is your favorite fashion era? I can play with different periods in my profession and there are things I do that I don’t like. I love the 1950s for the clean, fitted, clean outlines – the silhouettes of Roland Mouret and Helmut Lang, for example.

Do you have a favorite fashion designer? I like what Harris Reed does; it’s so cool to see a gifted young human conquer the world of exquisite, convention-defying fashion.

What is your favorite perfume ? I like Tom Ford perfumes, and not always those for women. But nothing too strong because I am concerned about closeness with others in my work environment.

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