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On the catwalk of AVIFW SS 2022, the audience couldn’t take their eyes off the impressive blue dress shown by supermodel Thanh Hang. Made from plastic bottles, it was part of the H2O collection designed by designer Vo Cong Khanh. It is impossible for the public to guess that the fabric was a mixture between materials available in nature and plastic materials as it is charming and sophisticated.

“I want Vietnamese fashion to evolve towards sustainable development. As a designer, I believe that my responsibilities are not just to create attractive new clothes, but to convey meaningful stories through my designs, in this case the need to recycle to protect the environment,” shared the Khanh designer.

Considered a resounding harmony between painting and fashion, designer Hoang Quyen’s Hidden Gem collection this time impressed the audience with long dresses shimmering like water waves with random splashes of color and a deliberately geometric block print. laid out, creating a 3D effect on the smooth surface of the fabric. This fabric is made from recycled PET bottles, used coffee grounds, oyster shells and lotus fibers.

Designer Anh Tuan’s Lang Du collection includes 50 items made of natural silk, linen and fabric recycled from lotus fibers and oyster shells. Designer Ly Giam Tien’s Future Woman collection, in collaboration with Faslink, also made excellent use of oyster shells, recycled plastic, used coffee grounds and lotus fiber.

ReFashion themed, aiming to promote sustainable and eco-friendly fashion, AVIFW SS 2022 facilitates the use of natural materials, explicitly exemplified by 6 designers from Vo Cong Khanh, Adrian Anh Tuan, Hoang Minh Ha, Nguyen Tien Truyen , Ly Giam Tien and Hoang Quyen.

ASEAN Fashion Designer Council Chairperson and AVIFW President Trang Le pointed out that we should change our usual mode of operation and think of a more sustainable one. Using environmentally friendly materials for garments both extends the life of the product and protects our precious environment.

Global CEO of Corium® (Italy) of Prodotti Alfa, Mario Ferrari, said that all major international fashion brands place great importance on recycled fabrics as potential future materials. Vietnam in the coming times will experience significant growth in this field, and Vietnam’s sustainable fashion will flourish magnificently.

Recycled fabric made from used coffee grounds, lotus fiber, oyster shells with superior characteristics has become a topic that attracts a lot of public attention, as cited in the recent conference “Natural Materials for Fashion and Furnishings”, organized by Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam.

To create a large amount of recycled fabric, there must be a strong and stable source of raw material. However, the most difficult challenge for many designers today is the limitation of these sources. Following the trend of sustainable development in various fields, sourcing raw materials for recycled fabric could become a valuable opportunity for Vietnam.

By Tieu Tan – Translated by Thanh Tam

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