Atomy India is aiming for a larger market share with Korean products of absolute quality; plans to install manufacturing units in India by 2025


New Delhi, November 9, 2021, on the occasion of the first anniversary celebrations, Atomy India – the Indian arm of global direct-selling leader Atomy from South Korea – today announced that the company plans to install manufacturing units in India by 2025 and empower the nation by strengthening Make In India’s vision for the world. Currently, Atomy India meets the requirements of the Indian market through the importation of the parent company-Atomy.

Atomy also unveiled its complete plans for the Indian market and said it plans to launch its Global Sourcing Global Sales (GSGS) by 2022. With the philosophy of Absolute Quality Absolute Price, Atomy India is entering Indian markets with Korean products in skin care, Living, Food, Health Supplement and other segments.

Addressing a press conference, Dr SeikhImtiaz Ali (Abraham Lee), Managing Director of Atomy India, said: “Since India is known to have an ancient secret of Ayurvedic products and is recognized in the whole world. With Atomy’s “Global Sourcing Global Sales” GSGS market strategy, we plan to export Indian Ayurvedic products to different parts of the world. Atomy has its global distribution network in nearly 50 countries and more. In less than a year of commercial operation in India, we have achieved huge popularity of products and now we plan to enter every household with our absolute quality products. He further added: “Atomy India will be able to ‘manufacture in India’ through our own manufacturing units or by sourcing from Indian MSMEs or it could be a mixture of the two. We plan to install manufacturing units in India by 2025. ”

“The company plans to leverage its most popular personal care products to capture the market while believing in improving people’s lives by improving their lifestyles. Within a year, we launched Korean products in India, including our popular skin care brand “The Fame”, and we plan to launch more products in the Health Supplements and Food categories. The skin care line products are powered by new technology, new material and low irritant power. All other personal and household care products have immense popularity due to their research-based development with new technologies. We are getting a solid response from our customers, which is why we would expand to a greater extent, ”added Dr SeikhImtiaz Ali.

Atomy India aims to deliver the next generation of shopping experiences using its personal Atomy platform, which creates opportunities for many aspiring business owners. Atomy India is banking on its cutting-edge technological vision. She also collaborated with MOFAC who has over 20 years of experience in virtual production and has worked very actively on VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality) and gave birth to XR (eXtended Reality).

Sharing his point of view, Mr. Rahul Kokadwar, COO of Atomy India, said: “Atomy has a ‘Masstige’ strategy which operates on the ‘Absolute Quality Absolute Price’ philosophy. With the help of this product philosophy, Atomy has 426 products in South Korea and 63 products in India in personal care, life, diet and health supplements.

The massive success that has unfolded in just one decade is the result of the vision and mission of Dr. Han Gill Park, Founder and President of Atomy Co. Ltd. is a must, not a choice. Mr. Rahul Kokadwar added.

On the occasion of a year of successful business operations in India, Atomy is set to host a special congratulatory event for physicians on November 9, 2021, where they wish to honor 100 physicians in person.

Since Atomy makes sure to honor the efforts of our doctors, which they have made for society while fighting the ongoing pandemic, acknowledging the concern of “Maskne” which occurs due to the wearing of masks facial pimples by doctors for longer hours and in turn causes pimples, pain and other tenderness on the face. The company is also showcasing the effectiveness of “The Fame Skin Care” to doctors and will also offer the same to 10 doctors in 100 hospitals.

“Fame Skin Care Kit will help our doctors to rejuvenate damaged skin layers, as it is made from natural ingredients designed using high purification technology, fermentation technology”

About Atomy Corp

A $ 1.73 billion company, Atomy started in South Korea, was established in 2009, and operates in more than 50 countries around the world and has subsidiaries in 21 countries. Atomy is growing at a rapid pace by implementing a consumer-focused strategy that adheres to the principles of “absolute value for money” established by Founding President Dr. Han-Gill Park.

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