Barton Performing Arts will hold auditions for the scholarships

Barton Community College holds auditions for performing arts scholarships. Students interested in auditioning for vocal ensembles, instrumental ensembles, dance ensembles; learn about the performing arts scholarship opportunities for the 2022-2023 season; and visiting vocal, instrumental, dance or theater directors are encouraged to register for one of three “Scholarship Audition Days”, February 12, March 12 or April 2 at Virtual appointments will also be available.

Scholarships range from $250 to $1,500 per year. Scholarships for majors are $2,000 and can be combined with other academic and activity scholarships. Students not available on February 12 can schedule a videoconference on another date or make arrangements with the instructors listed below to submit their audition via video.


Danika Bielek, Director of Barton Dance Theater

[email protected]


Karen Gore, theater

[email protected]


Dr. Eric Foley, Director of Choral Activities

[email protected]


Dr. Luis Palacios, Director of Instrumental Activities

[email protected]


Information on auditions by field

Barton Dance Program

When auditioning for Barton Dance Theatre, the college’s resident dance company, applicants will be asked to learn dance drills and combinations in contemporary modern dance, ballet and jazz styles. Arrive at the audition dressed in dance attire or form-fitting clothing suitable for movement, have long hair pulled back, and bring ballet or jazz dance shoes, if available. Scholarships will be awarded to Barton Dance Theater members and new dance majors.

Barton’s Department of Instrumental Music

Barton’s Instrumental Music Department will ask students to perform a solo or excerpt from literature they are currently working on in a band/orchestra or something they are preparing for a festival. The audition may also include a brief demonstration of the major scales. Pianists may perform up to two selections from their current repertoire and may be asked to demonstrate scale patterns. Guitarists can audition on acoustic or electric guitar. Guitar students should be prepared to play one or two short examples, under two minutes each, that demonstrate their level of skill. In addition to the demo pieces, guitarists will also be engaged in an informal dialogue regarding their experience with chords and scales.

Barton Theater

The Barton Theater will ask actors to audition to perform a memorized monologue and may be asked to re-enact it after feedback. Those auditioning for a theater technician role will need to be prepared to discuss their technical pursuits as well as show footage of their work if possible, such as sets, costumes and lighting designs they have worked on. or created.

Barton Vocal Music Department

Barton’s vocal music department will audition singers and rhythm section musicians, including piano, guitar, bass and drums for Hilltop Singers. No audition is required of members of the Concert Choir unless students wish to be considered for a scholarship. During the vocal audition, students will be asked to demonstrate the scale, sing harmonic patterns, and perform a familiar song between 1 and 3 minutes long, such as a competition solo, an excerpt from a choir piece, or another song that demonstrates their best singing. Memorizing music is preferred but not required. Refer to the registration form for guidance on appropriate dress and preparation for the audition.

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