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When it comes to underwear styles, there are a lot of options. If you like them short and tight, there is nothing better than briefs. (Perhaps controversial opinion: Tights are an especially foolproof classic.) Prefer more coverage? Boxers should be your go-to. Not a fan of hanging on? Regular boxers are for you. They also come in a range of fun colors and patterns. Do you live in an area with cold climates? Long, thermal underwear is what you need. And of course, they’re all available on Amazon. Just choose what you feel most comfortable with for your little soldiers and then add it to the cart. You’ll need to sit there all day, every day, which means it’s best to have more than you think you need. So go ahead and refuel.

Boxer briefs

Vichy: Not just for your essential buttonhole.

Cotton briefs without tag (pack of 9)

Here is the powerful white cotton briefs, that is to say the tights. There is nothing more classic than a pack of these bad boys, especially Fruit of the Loom.

Cool Dri Boxer Briefs No Tag (5 Pack)

Comfortable and cooling — a winning combo.

Boxer shorts (pack of 5)

Classic and comfortable as they come.

Classic Fit Woven Boxers (3 Pack)

Could Ralph Lauren really be called a full-service lifestyle brand if it didn’t sell the perfect starter pack of classic boxer shorts? We do not care? It is, and it is.

Stretch boxers (pack of 3)

Now nothing will come between you and your Calvins.

Force Midweight Classic Thermal Base Layer

Those who live in tundra or environments where heat is not readily available fully understand the abilities of the severely underrated long john. Not only does it keep everything under control, but it provides the full coverage you need to brave cold temperatures.

Cotton trunk (pack of 3)

Not too long, not too roomy, and designed to move. In other words: just the right amount.

Stretch cotton jock strap (pack of 3)

In the underwear family tree, the jock strap is the wild uncle who is always up to some antics. Indeed, it’s a lot of look and offers a lot less coverage than anyone else in the family. But for those who love their bare buns (Absolutely no judgment), 2 (X) IST has exactly what you’re looking for.

Boxer Briefs (Pack of 3)

Boxer briefs made of a fabric so light you might forget you’re wearing it.

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