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Beyoncé made a rare appearance at Paris Fashion Week on Wednesday. But it was just his voice that the crowd of hundreds of them heard. The superstar singer opened the Balmain fashion show in voice-over to celebrate the 10 years of creative director Olivier Rousteing with the Parisian fashion house.

Beyoncé, who has worn Balmain looks on countless occasions, like her memorable performance at the Coachella music festival in 2018, honored Rousteing with a heartwarming speech.

“[You] brought a new mindset to help persuade fashion to finally begin to reflect the true beauty of today’s streets, the beauty that you and your team see daily on the various awe-inspiring boulevards and avenues of your Paris though -loved, ”she said. “And from day one you did the right thing. You knew from the start that actions speak much louder than words. So you took a stand, made commitments and respected every step of the way.

Ten years ago, Rousteing took over as head of Balmain at the age of 25. For some, it was a bold decision to give such an opportunity to a young designer. But it was not just the youth who amazed, as we could hear during the show … “before, before you, it seems that the powers that be had a hard time imagining that someone who looks like you could manage all collections. in a historic and couture Parisian house. So yeah, that was a while.

Rousteing is one of three black men to run a French fashion house. He has used his platform to boost diversity and inclusiveness in fashion since starting his tenure – most recently in 2020, when he supported the Black Lives Matter movement at the Balmain Fashion Show last July. . He said at the time that his optimism for future change and progress is “a reflection of my own personal history – after all, not so long ago, someone like me was never meant to be. find myself in the position I hold today. “

Today, as models like Naomi Campbell, Carla Bruni and Milla Jovovich strutted the runway for Balmain’s Spring / Summer 22 line, Beyoncé has loved Balmain’s collections under Rousteing for the past 10 years.

“Does anyone know how many times I have worn a special Olivier x Balmain creation? There were so many events and so many beautiful moments, “she recalled, even shouting the moment she voted for” change “in Texas in the 2020 presidential election.

“You helped me make my musical statement. You helped me amplify my message, your creations made me feel powerful. Thank you, “she added.” Balmain is your tremendous tool for beauty and change. Your gaze, your beliefs and your talent have touched and moved us all. I am so proud to call you friend. Happy Birthday. We all look forward to the next ten years.

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