BIBU Pet Shop by One Fine Day Studio & Partners

If it’s true that our pets know how to steal our hearts, then create a pet store – or rather a real wellness center for our 4-legged friends – as an aesthetically appealing place for human beings, could generate benefits for everyone involved. Because let’s be honest: taking our dog or cat to the vet is often not a very pleasant experience, also because we often talk about places without any care or attention to design.
the BIBU Pet Shop in Guangzhou, designed and produced by the multidisciplinary team of One Fine Day Studio & Partners, ofD design firm, demonstrates that beauty and functionality can indeed go hand in hand. The demand is no accident: China’s pet industry is booming and, especially during the pandemic, the emotional value of pets is increasingly recognized. This explains the growing demand for pet care centers, further driven by the fact that Millennials and Generation Z, who are leading these trends, tend to be more emotionally aware.
But let’s take a closer look at this truly extraordinary place: BIBU is located inside an upscale condominium, the Gaode Mansion, in the center of Guangzhou, not far from cultural places such as the Guangdong Museum and the Guangzhou Opera House. For the designers of ofD, it was not only a question of creating an innovative structure for the sector, but also of integrating our reflections on current issues: the post-pandemic world, without forgetting the current theme of the colonization of space. Hence the “Space Age” design motif, which animates the entire BIBU space, starting from the image of the arch.
The location extends over two floors for a total area of ​​600 square meters. The designers have carefully divided the place into several zones: for the sale of pet food and supplies, housing and care, training and the betting clinic, all based on functional objectives and logic. unique space of each space.
As we mentioned at the very beginning, BIBU is a fully equipped animal service center that also offers services to pet owners. ofD’s designers thus designed the DOPPIO coffee on the ground floor. DOPPIO is located next to the exhibition area where customers can interact with pets and is open to anyone who wants to have a coffee and play with their dogs or cats.
The idea is to link “Pet” to the notion of “Arche” to extend BIBU into a “P+ ark”, creatively transforming parts of its commercial area into a platform shared between users, for more interpersonal communication. All underlined by a brand retrofuturism, with particular reference to Stanley Kubrick’s cinematographic masterpiece “2001: A Space Odyssey” in terms of shapes and colors, from the finishes to the furniture. Also, in terms of details, ofD avoided sharp angles, opting instead for rounded lines and soft convex anti-collision surfaces. Choices which, of course, are also pet friendly.
Through the BIBU project, ofD has thus imaginatively reinterpreted the world of pet care, too long forgotten by design. A fascinating combination of old and new, past and future to be able to fully experience the moment, dedicated to our affection for our pets, with style and joy.

Christiane Burklein

Project: One Fine Day Studio & Partners, ofD
Location: Guangzhou, China
Year: 2021
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