Black Lotus Academy rises from the ashes and returns to the classroom

“We want to make sure it works well, and we provide the best instructions and a quality product,” says the owner

The Black Lotus Academy of Martial Arts and Fitness has been revived after closing in the summer of 2020.

Expenses at Black Lotus’ former Kitchener Street home far exceeded what the business was earning, owner Nic Langman said. This, in addition to the COVID-19 shutdowns, has sunk the business.

“The bills didn’t stop just because I was forced out of work,” Langman said. OrilliaMatters. “Some people have qualified for government assistance, but I’ve basically fallen through the cracks.”

Langman, 39, says the company has been missed by the community for the past two years.

“As much as martial arts is fitness, for a lot of people it’s their therapy,” he said. “It’s the good habit they have as opposed to the bad habit they might have had it not been for kickboxing or martial arts.”

Langman thinks the COVID-19 pandemic has made some people feel insecure.

“It was really difficult for my students,” he said. “The children have suffered over the past two years with their mental and physical health. It was really difficult for a lot of people. »

With the company returning to the community, Langman aims to help people shake off the effects of the pandemic.

“I could have been a carpenter again,” he said, “but what you get from helping people is so much more valuable than just a paycheck.”

Rising from the ashes has not been easy for Langman, who is still in debt after closing the business the first time around.

“I borrowed more money to start this one in hopes it will do well,” he said.

The last academy was 11,000 square feet and offered almost all martial and extracurricular arts for all ages in a state-of-the-art fitness center.

“It was me trying to build a vision and a dream that I had,” he explained. “I wanted our community to have a mecca for martial arts and the facilities to go with it.”

This time around, Langman is focusing solely on kickboxing and Muay Thai karate inside the new 1,500 square foot facility at 575 West St. S.

“We want to make sure it works well, and we provide the best instruction and a quality product,” he said.

Langman feels the Orillia community has been behind him on his journey and he appreciates the support.

“It was great,” he said. “A lot of people are congratulating me, booking a lot of tries, and it’s been really encouraging.”

There is still plenty of room for those who want to become a member of Black Lotus. The dojo will officially open on Monday.

“When people think of kickboxing, they think they’re going to come in and get beat up,” Langman said. “It’s not. What we do is treated like a martial art where you get the physical benefits because it’s great training and the mental benefits like discipline and self-control.

To set up a free trial at Black Lotus, call 705-481-8198 or email [email protected]

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