ByBorre presents technical knits for the outdoors



Dutch textile innovation company ByBorre has launched its latest collection of advanced knitted textiles and iconic silhouettes in its Edition9. The collection, developed as the team settled into the new standard of working from home, is rooted in a strong urge to spend their free time outdoors, exploring the parks and forests around their hometown of ‘Amsterdam.

This re-appreciation of the outdoors and its liberating qualities translated into the challenge of exploring how ByBorre performance knits could be applied to a more outdoor environment and how to adjust existing styles and create new ones that speak the language of clothing. outdoor, and who keep their own performance wise.

Exploring the world beyond their homes, ByBorre has designed a new line of textiles and products, this time specifically designed for living in a natural environment, including its Gore-Tex return and the introduction of a whole new program with none other than Parley for the Oceans.

Recognizable ByBorre styles such as its Weightmap sweater, overshirt and tapered cropped pants have been revised and executed in a wide range of protective knits specially designed to challenge colder outdoor conditions while providing the comfort of knitted fabric.

Existing and new types of knitting, such as a new iteration of an Ottoman structure called OTM. and a heavier take on its signature AO2 fabric, have been developed specifically to stand the test of the elements, resulting in a range of thick, tight knit textiles and garments offering both rugged protection and wearing comfort.

The team worked with tattoo legend Henk Schiffmacher, using ByBorre’s Create tool to develop a textile based on Schiffmacher, his distinct artistic style. Protective knits are made up of bold lines and graphic structures depicting rocks, leaves and organic shapes tapping into the worlds of natural life and outdoor landscapes, fitting perfectly into a collection designed for a life of adventure.

© Tomek Dersu Aaron |  By Borre

On a material level, this edition reinforces ByBorre’s efforts for conscious textile production and use, announcing the introduction of a brand new ingredient partnership with Parley for the Oceans – a global collaborative network and organization environment known for its strategy to end marine plastic pollution. : Parley AIR – Avoid, intercept, redesign.

The two organizations join forces to create textiles using Parley’s innovative Ocean Plastic yarns made from recycled marine debris and ByBorre’s bespoke textile production, with the aim of inspiring other designers and manufacturers to challenge the status quo, to question materials and methods, and to help drive a material revolution by turning products into symbols of change.

True to tradition, Edition9 also features the continuation of the research-based partnership with Gore-Tex, further exploring the possibilities and comfort brought by marrying jersey knit fabrics with protective woven membranes.

© Tomek Dersu Aaron |  By Borre

The first items in the collection have launched on and are expected to release at ByBorre retailers worldwide in the coming weeks. Also visit the ByBorre website to learn more about the company’s latest textile innovations and developments and to start developing your own textiles using their design tool.

Key innovations for Edition9

ByBorre editions are the ideal playground for experimenting and refining material innovations and presenting them to the world. With each new Edition, the ByBorre label highlights the real usability and creative potential of ByBorre textiles for all designers who need to work with their knitted textiles. The Editions present and commemorate the greatest ideas that came out of the studio.


As the latest addition to the ByBorre textile building blocks, this variant of the characteristic 3D knitting technique has a characteristic alternating structure of ribs or cords. Plus, the colors on the front and back of the fabric blend together perfectly to create a remarkably bold look.

© Tomek Dersu Aaron |  By Borre

Heavyweight AO2

First heavy brother of the AO2 textile (Attachment Only 2 layer). Although constructed using the same technique, this render uses more yarns to create a denser, more robust knit. Intended for outerwear and pants, this fabric has an unexpected structure reminiscent of denim or heavy duck fabric.

Sabukaru editorial

No matter how alluring the bustling crossroads and neon streets of downtown Tokyo can seem, one of the most beautiful but often overlooked parts of Japan is its wide open nature. A stone’s throw or an hour away by train from the bustling capital, a completely different landscape is offered to those who make the trip; he who trades forests for skyscrapers and rivers for railways.

© Tomek Dersu Aaron |  By Borre

While the sabukaru team appreciates the convenience and perks of Tokyo city life, the appreciation for an outdoor getaway has never been higher. “Armed with this fascination, we traveled to the Japanese countryside to represent the best of both worlds while putting the latest Edition9 to the test,” the team explains.

“Inspired by ByBorre’s signature knitting technology, we chose to photograph the interior portion of the editorial in a traditional tatami room. Paying special attention to the patterns that adorn the edges of each tatami mat, we have sought to emphasize the attention to detail and craftsmanship that goes into each stitch – of the tatami mat and clothing. To contrast the comfort and warmth of the interior, we have featured the most sturdy and technologically skilled items in the lush Japanese nature. Taking the ByBorre knitting from an old tatami room outside while showcasing it in a very contemporary style, we’ve assembled a team of sabukaru favorites to make it happen.


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