Copado launches new DevSecOps training module to make releases faster and more secure

Copado has also joined the new OASIS Value Stream Technical Committee to help define new interoperability standards.

CHICAGO, August 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — copado, the global leader in low-code DevOps, today announced the launch of a new DevSecOps training module to help make software releases faster and more secure. The new module is available in the Copado community, where its 55,000 members can learn, connect and grow their careers. Copado has already trained over 35,000 DevOps specialists and certified over 20,000 DevOps professionals with the goal of training 15,000 more by the end of 2022.

Studies have shown that 70% of development teams lack of knowledge and skills needed to implement DevSecOps best practices.

“Without DevSecOps best practices, software releases can be plagued with quality and security issues, costing more time and money in post-production to fix them,” said Pat McQueen, Senior Vice President Customer Success & Global Services at Copado. “To meet this growing need for DevSecOps skill sets, Copado offers self-paced online training to upskill DevOps professionals, administrators, developers, and architects. Our community can help you start a new career path or to improve your current journey by unleashing your full potential.”

The DevSecOps module is designed to help make release cycles shorter, safer, and more resilient. It explains how to integrate compliance, security, and testing into a DevOps pipeline to avoid cybersecurity architects manually maintaining security consoles and additional configurations in the application. It outlines the importance of security and compliance for an organization, identifies DevSecOps best practices, and explains how to create a successful DevSecOps strategy and culture.

Copado has also joined industry leaders Accenture, Broadcom, IBM and others on the new OASIS Open Value Stream Management (VSM) Interoperability Technical Committee. The group will develop new interoperability standards to enable VSM data sharing between platforms.

“DevOps and DevSecOps are extremely fractured markets when it comes to tools: there are literally thousands of products involved in building resilient pipelines,” said Daniel Ridel, senior vice president of strategic services at Copado. “As the industry matures, value stream management will help make the process observable. Creating an interoperability standard will ensure organizations can rely on cohesion in tool integration. Interoperability will provide the transparency needed to ensure a stronger and more resilient infrastructure for customers and employees.”

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