Costa Rica Textile Fair and Bicentennial Parade to support local designers:

Costa Rica will host the Textile Fair and Bicentennial Fashion Design: Costa Rica History and Future catwalk, an effort between the public and private sectors to showcase the talent and work of designers and national companies as part of the celebration. of the Bicentennial of Costa Rica.

The textile fair takes place at the old customs, with the aim of becoming a showcase for showing national talents and promoting the fashion industry with the values ​​of innovation, sustainability, creativity and human talent.

The textile fair will provide a space for both established and emerging designers, who will be able to show their talent and their collections to visitors.

The Bicentennial parade will take place on Saturday December 11 at Parque Francia, in order to promote the appropriation of public spaces.

The Bicentennial Fashion Design: Costa Rica History and Future cultural event has the Essential Costa Rica license, granted by the promoter of foreign trade (PROCOMER).

Claudia doble, First Lady of the Republic, explained that the fair is the result of a great effort between the public and private sectors to highlight the great talent that exists in Costa Rica for the production and marketing of fashion.

“We wanted to create a cultural space so that designers feel supported and encouraged and can show their work. Costa Rica has a design offering that has grown considerably over the years, and we want more people to know about the proposals of talented people with great potential to conquer national and international markets, ”Dobles explained.

Help the economy

Sylvie Durán, Minister of Culture and Youth, explained that the activity aims to encourage the reactivation of the economy and to support a sector in which the contribution of young entrepreneurs is notable.

“This sample of exhibition and marketing for the fashion industry and the use of textiles in the country, will bring us closer, within the framework of the Bicentenary, to the increasingly present trends, which are inspired by identity elements. and cultural aspects of our diverse Costa Rica. With the support of public, private and local government entities, we will move forward in the progressive activation of the former customs space on the basis of the responsible use of protocols and capacities in our cultural spaces, motivating our public to enjoy safe cultural options, ”said Durán.

With her, Victoria Hernández, Minister of Economy, Industry and Trade (MEIC) agreed that these initiatives are necessary to recognize the potential of Costa Rican designers; as well as small and medium-sized business men and women.

“It is important to take advantage of these opportunities to give them visibility and that they can grow thanks to advice and support to promote their professions and provide them with tools to strengthen their business management”, explained Hernández. .

The fair will be free and will be held on December 10, 11 and 12.

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