Craig Conover Flats sewing southern treasure hunt pillows at Home Goods [Exclusive]

Craig Conover of Southern charm loves a good treasure hunt, and finding that diamond in the rough is especially exciting.

So when his company Sewing Down South teamed up with national furniture store Home Goods, Conover and his team sprang into action. Conover appreciated being able to expand the reach of Sewing Down South beyond online sales and its flagship store on King Street in Charleston, South Carolina.

“Shopping at Home Goods is this fun scavenger hunt, and a lot of people love the store,” Conover told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “I think it’s a great opportunity for more people to own [Sewing Down South] pillows, so when they see one at Home Goods, that’s what excites me. It gives people a chance to have a piece of Sewing Down South.

The scavenger hunt for Craig Conover pillows begins at Home Goods

Conover is having fun seeing photos of customers who have found a Sewing Down South pillow at Home Goods. But he admitted the Home Goods scavenger hunt has been a bit tougher for consumers. At launch, “They sold out very quickly,” he said. “So we know the response has been really good.”

Craig Conover | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Like many high-end products sold at Home Goods, Sewing Down South pillows will likely always be a treasure hunt. But Conover wants to make sure the hunt is a little easier for customers and hopes to ramp up production so more is readily available.

Craig Conover says Home Goods pillows are the same signature quality of Sewing Down South

Beyond Southern charm fandom, Sewing Down South customers have always expressed enthusiasm for the company’s quality and designs. Conover said the pillows sold at Home Goods are of the exact same quality, just designs unique to Home Goods.

Craig Connover pillows lined up on a shelf in a store.
Sew Pillows South Home Goods | Sew in the South

“This is an original line for Home Goods,” he explained, pointing out that the quality of the pillow is the same as what’s online and in store. “The pillows are therefore designed and manufactured solely for Home Goods. You won’t find these pillows anywhere else.

Fans shared photos of their Sewing Down South “finds” on social media. The adorable bumblebee pattern seems to be a favorite with many customers. Additionally, customers can find other Sewing Down South designs like a sea turtle and coral design at Home Goods.

Sewing Down South merchandise will also be available nationwide. So fans in almost every state could possibly find Conover’s pillows at Home Goods.

Home Goods partnership gives everyone the chance to own a piece of Sewing Down South

Conover hopes the Home Goods partnership will turn new consumers into Sewing Down South fans. Additionally, “it gives avid collectors at Sewing Down South a chance to add the unique designs we have designed for Home Goods to their collection,” he said.

Photo of bumblebee pillows by Craig Connover.
Bumblebee pillow | Sew in the South

He said the partnership was a dream come true. “It’s the same feeling I had when HSN called,” he recalls. “It was such a badge of honor. But also the fact that only a few years ago I walked into craft stores to buy supplies to sew the pillows. Now I can walk into the store and see our pillows. It’s a pretty crazy transformation.

“I love being tagged on the pillows people find at Home Goods,” he added. “And it just keeps growing and getting bigger.”

Beyond Home Goods, its retail and online store, Conover said fans can also stop by the Sewing Down South booth to purchase merchandise during BravoCon 2022.

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