Crime in Houston, Texas: Thieves target high-end executives

Dr. Elizabeth May says that if you find designer frames for sale at a discount in an online marketplace, it could be because they are fake or most likely stolen.

HOUSTON — A Houston-area optometrist says criminals are targeting her business and others like her for high-end eyewear.

It’s a crime we talked about recently, and she says you might be contributing to the problem.

Haute couture frames are must-haves for trendsetters, but they also attract the attention of thieves.

“We are an easy target. They know they can break in, get in and out pretty quickly, they know what they’re looking for,” said Dr Elizabeth May, Therapeutic Optometrist.

Dr. May owns Custom Eyes off the Katy Freeway in Spring Valley Village.

Despite security cameras and an alarm system, his optometry office was burglarized twice. Just eight days later, there was an attempted burglary at his other office in Pearland.

“They only took the high end when they stole those frames. Two rows, that quickly adds up to $10,000 in retail that they steal in two minutes,” she said .

Another lure for thieves is that most high-end frames don’t come with a serial number, making them impossible to track.

This is a crime we have seen repeated in recent years. KHOU 11 News covered a story from Cinco Ranch in April.

In 2020, in Houston on West Grey, a sunglasses shack was targeted.

In 2018, in Sugar Land, a trio stole 62 glasses from a Lens Crafters, for a total of $9,000.

“When we were robbed in July last year, I posted it because I wanted other optometrists to know,” she said. “Because it seems to happen in waves.”

Dr May said she soon realized that her locations were not the only ones being targeted.

“The responses I got from some of my colleagues, I didn’t expect that,” she said. “It seems everyone has a story of their office being broken into.”

And Dr. May says you could be contributing to the problem without even realizing it.

She says if you find designer frames like these for sale at a discount in an online marketplace, it may be because they are fake or most likely stolen.

“I just don’t know where on Houston’s crime list does optometry theft fall?” she says. “It keeps happening. It’s not going to go away.

KHOU 11 News has contacted Spring Valley Village police and several other agencies in the area to try to assess the extent of the problem. However, we have not heard from them.

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