Designers are basing their hopes on the next holiday season



Navratri is just days away and fashion designers in the state capital are crossing their fingers for a fresh start. Basing their hopes on the upcoming festival and wedding season, the glamor industry is gearing up for shopping season.

Small functions within the allowed limits – now 100 people – had a negative impact on designers. “People used to buy dresses for haldi, mehndi, wedding, reception and more. Now, post-wedding receptions rarely take place and other functions are confined to the home, so only the bride and groom and close family buy for the wedding days. People used to come to us for high end lehngas and things. Now their budgets have fallen by 40 to 50%. Strangely, compared to Lucknow and Kanpur, customers in smaller towns are doing better business. We hope that things will improve for us and for those related to the trade, ”says designer Pallavi Madeshia Yadav.

Fashion designers Manish Tripathi, Roma Agarwal, Pallavi Madeshia Yadav and Gunriddh Sial (Source)” title=”Fashion designers Manish Tripathi, Roma Agarwal, Pallavi Madeshia Yadav and Gunriddh Sial (Source)”/>
Fashion designers Manish Tripathi, Roma Agarwal, Pallavi Madeshia Yadav and Gunriddh Sial (Source)

Budgets are surely going down, but people are buying for themselves, says famous designer and Lucknowite Manish Tripathi. “As we saw revenge travel before Wave 2, I see people buying revenge. And this time, they are going to pamper themselves. We are entering the second year since the pandemic and people have not spent on themselves. Also, there are no big weddings and receptions, so they are now buying for happiness, but the budgets are surely smaller and we had to create a new range as a result, ”he says.

Lucknowite Gunriddh Sial, currently based in Singapore, says: “Millennials prefer more relaxed but elegant silhouettes and at House of Gulaal I have used very different hues, for example pistachio green or ice blue. These are common festive colors, but we’ve made it in a way that fashion-conscious people love them. Because people care about the environment, we used 91% repurposed fabrics with fresh silhouettes. My party collection was inspired by iconic dresses worn by Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Sarah Jessica Parker and many more.

Fashion designer Romaa Agarwal believes that the cultivation work at home has spawned relaxed styles that can be worn both for online meetings and to stay comfortable indoors. “The pandemic has changed our lives and the way we consume, work and play. The rare outings and connection to the outside world have also resulted in a change in the way we dress. Durable, classic and timeless styles are being bought more and more. Comfort, functionality and durability take precedence over affordability and price. Staying indoors has given loungewear and sportswear a huge boost. Practicality has become the heart of design thinking for today’s consumer.


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