Designing clothes is like writing a song, say Pankaj and Nidhi


Designers Pankaj and Nidhi Ahuja will present a collection full of vibrant colors and abstract patterns during FDCI X Lakmé Fashion Week, which kicks off on October 5.

Inspired by the Amalfi Coast in Italy, the husband-wife duo affirms that the collection evokes “the desire to travel, a desire to find your happy space, to travel, to live, to work and to play”. The designers collaborated with Logitech, a design company, for the new line and created chic sleeves that will be featured as part of the collection. The collaboration, Srinivas Rao Vishnubhotla, Country Manager of Logitech India, said, “aimed to forge deeper bonds with young millennials who are looking for simple, minimalist products that accentuate their lifestyle with the latest technology and design.”

A similar fun theme runs through the entire collection, which plays with a color palette of coral pinks, terracotta orange, sapphire sea blue, and leafy greens, all influenced by Amalfi’s chalky pastel tones of the painted walls and floors. frescoes. The designs were hand painted in an abstract style and digitally crafted in delicate fabrics such as sheer organza and flowing recycled chiffon and veils. Cutout lace and jacquards add a playful luxury holiday vibe to the collection. The silhouettes consist of easy to mix separate pieces, cropped tops and exuberant puff sleeve blouses, ruffled skirts and graceful min-max dresses.

We talked to the designers about the collection and how happy they are. Edited excerpts:

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Why Amalfi, and not just any other place?

This is one of our favorite places. He has so much heart and soul. In a sense, Amalfi is also a metaphor, reflecting the desire to be able to travel anywhere freely, everyone to their favorite destination, in search of a happy space.

The collection is filled with lots of bright colors. Is this a post-pandemic demand?

It’s interesting to see how a collection evolves with sometimes its own spirit. Contrary to what one might think, a designer does not sit down in his studio one day and decide to use a certain shade of yellow or pink; it’s a flow, a bit like writing a song… the idea exists in your space but it comes to life as you work through it. Vivid colors happen to be something that we as a brand are known for in our ready-to-wear collections. This one turned out to soak in the Mediterranean air and all the dusty wall paint corals and lilacs and the undertones of lime trees with it. Bringing a smile to ourselves when designing is essential to our creative process and we hope to have the same effect on the wearer and the viewer as well.

The moodboard of the creators of the collection.
(Courtesy of Pankaj & Nidhi)

Cropped tops seem to be a current favorite. You also have it in your collection. What makes it such an attractive piece of clothing?

We believe crop tops are trendy and classic at the same time. Everyone has a crop top in their wardrobe because it goes with everything. The ability of a crop top to be mixed and matched is unmatched. More than any other style, we believe you can have it for years to come and it will never go out of style.

Does the collection target a particular age group?

Age is just a number. Our silhouettes will suit a 50-year-old as well as a teenage girl.

What do you want the viewer to walk away with after looking at your collection?

These are clothes they could wear with comfort and ease, they are easy to layer and style, and we hope the public will want more. They are clothes for work and play, for holidays and for home. Clothes that make you happy.

What is your happy place?

Our space of happiness is surrounded by family and friends … traveling as much as in the comfort of our home. Being in a creative profession is something we don’t take for granted. It gives us great joy to work with our teams, to be part of shows, to collaborate.

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