Elhoffer Design San Diego Comic-Con 2021 Exclusives [UPDATE July 17]


Elhoffer Design has made a name for itself as one of the best geeky fashion lines around – with a focus on making their customers feel and look amazing. Their geeky clothes are inspired by many of your favorite properties, including Marvel, Star wars, Disney, and more.

This year, their virtual booth will kick off daily with new stock (Wednesday, July 21 at 5:00 p.m. PT; Thursday, July 22 through Sunday, July 25 at 9:00 a.m. PT each day), with a limited stock of each size available each day. All [email protected] parts will be shipped for free, but adding non-SDCC items will add shipping.

Here’s a look at this year’s exclusives and debuts:

[UPDATE July 17]

Launch of SDCC – Essential Scavenger Cape – Aquamarine – $ 175

Whether you’re stranded on a desert planet or on a quest in a fantasy realm, you probably need an Essential Scavenger Cloak! Our new Aquamarine is a cute shade of blue, and you know we love blue! It’s a unisex piece that fits almost anyone, making you feel like you’re from another world. Or it’s an incredibly soft blanket that you can wear!

[UPDATE July 16]

SDCC Exclusive – Susan Essential Crop Top – Starry Witch – $ 75

When your dreams come true, that essential Susan Harvest in Starry Witch is what happens. One of our most popular styles in certainly our most popular model. So we do not expect this to last very long.

Launch of SDCC – Interstellar Cousins ​​Poncho – $ 150

For when you have a super logical cousin, but want to be a warrior, we’ve created the Interstellar Cousins ​​poncho! It is made up of two separate knitting patterns and can be worn at formal events or simply on the deck of an epic ship. There is even a pocket to store your communication device!

[UPDATE July 15]

SDCC Launch – Essential Jes Crop Top – Princess Green – $ 70

You are not a prize to be won! You were born to rule and are certainly awesome enough to tame a wildcat, so there you have it.

The Jes Crop is stretchy and made of a fabric similar to sportswear, so it will absorb summer moisture and keep it away from your body to make sure you stay comfortable in the heat!

Launch of SDCC – Essential Yasmin Pants – Princess Green – $ 150

Because you decide who you deem worthy, and these Yasmin pants in princess green definitely belong to your body! There are also pockets for trinkets that aren’t from the Tiger’s Magical Caves (because you DON’T touch those spots – duh)!

If you haven’t tried this new style yet, we recommend it for the summer! It’s a fantastic new way to stay stylish without overheating! Plus, moisture-wicking fabric keeps you dry even when the sun tries to make you sweat. The only place it fits is at the waist, so choose the size closest to your natural waistline.

SDCC launch – Marvelous Bolt oversized sweater – $ 105

It’s good to be young (in fact or at heart) and still feel the need for revenge! In our Marvelous Bolt Oversize Sweater, you don’t have to feel stretched out, just slip it on and get things going!

This has our oversized fit, so we recommend getting the size you wear in our essential (or Tree Of Kings) oversized sweaters. It’s really about how comfortable you feel and how you want to style it your way!

SDCC launch – Lady Wonder wrap dress – $ 235

He’s no longer a sidekick! You’re a full-fledged badass and you’ve got the Lady Wonder wrap dress to prove it!

Our signature wrap dress style, but with the colors of the hero of the night (just grab a few batons and you’re good to go). We recommend your usual size on these, although it is possible to take a smaller size (we just don’t guarantee it will fit the same size)!

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