Enartis launches Easytech – Selection of fermentation products by direct addition.




Windsor, Calif. (June 25, 2021) – Enartis is proud to announce the launch of a new product selection – Easytech – which offers simpler preparation methods that facilitate cellar operations, as well as reduce the resources required to properly prepare products, including equipment, energy, water and, most importantly, personnel.

Easytech will include two yeasts and two seed nutrients for the 2021 harvest:

  • EnartisFerm WS and EnartisFerm Q ET (new)
  • Nutriferm Arom Plus and Nutriferm Ultra (new)

The two yeast strains included in the Easytech portfolio have been selected for their intrinsic characteristics, as well as for their production process, which makes them suitable for direct inoculation, without requiring rehydration to ensure optimal fermentation performance.

The well known and appreciated EnartisFerm WS, isolated 30 years ago from a late harvest zinfandel from Williams Selyem Winery in Sonoma, is known for its ability to completely ferment high Brix grapes under low nutrient conditions. It brings an excellent complexity and an improvement of the structure with an extraction of soft tannins, while respecting the varietal and terroir characteristics and by stimulating the expression of fruits and spices.

For over 25 years, WS was only available as a concentrated liquid yeast, as its unique characteristics made it difficult to produce as active dry yeast (ADY). After several years of research, the Enartis yeast laboratory has developed a new production process which has succeeded in producing WS in dry form. This optimized process also allows EnartisFerm WS to be put dry, thus making life easier for cellar staff. WS is now Easytech certified, a certification that attests that each batch has been tested and certified for direct inoculation.

José Santos, President and CEO of Enartis USA said, “In recent years our customers have asked for dry pitch yeast. We had heard anecdotal comments that some winemakers were successful in dry-launching EnartisFerm WS, our star yeast. We decided to dig deeper into this question and confirmed that the characteristics of WS, combined with the special production process we have developed allow this strain to be available in the ADY form since 2014 (almost 25 years after being isolated and produced in liquid form), also make it suitable to be directly inoculated into the must without the need for rehydration ”.

In addition to EnartisFerm WS, a new yeast strain, EnartisFerm Q ET (for Easytech), will be available in North America for the 2021 harvest. This new yeast is a versatile strain, respectful of varietal characteristics, good fermenter over a wide range. temperature range, well suited to the fermentation of quality white, red and rosé wines.

José Santos added: “The staff limitations brought by the COVID-19 pandemic further justify the need for easy-to-use fermentation products. In addition to the two direct pitch yeast strains available, Enartis now offers two granulated yeast inoculating nutrients that are less powdery and safer to use, as well as easier to dissolve directly in the wort.

The Easytech selection, in particular the direct inoculation yeast, is subject to an additional strict quality control which allows Enartis to certify the suitability of the product for new preparation methods. The products in the Easytech range are easily identifiable by the logo below:

About Enartis

Enartis is part of the Esseco Group, the Italian industrial group that has been working for almost a century on technological innovation and production capacity for the world of inorganic chemistry and oenology. With a range of more than 300 specialty products – tannins, enzymes, fermentation nutrients, yeasts, bacteria, stabilizers and clarifying and fining agents – and more than 200 employees, the company now supports more than 10,000 manufacturers in 50 countries to improve wine quality and ensure full compliance with global standards. The continuous commitment to research and development, the FSSC 22000 certification of the international food safety system with the most stringent oenological and food quality requirements allow Enartis to provide innovative solutions and safe products to develop wines that express fully and uplift their character. In the United States, Enartis also offers laboratory supplies and equipment, reagents and chemicals, and organic vineyard fertilizers.



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