Evelyn Choi, actress, model and influencer

Evelyn Choi – actress, model and influencer – shares fashion and beauty tips.

Evelyn Choi’s familiar face appears in many ad campaigns, magazine pages and social media posts. After making himself known 14 years ago in the film Echoes of the Rainbowalongside Simon Yam and Sandra Ng, she has appeared in numerous television shows and nearly a dozen films.

Her social media posts are peppered with makeup trends and tips, designer label nods, accessories, colorful dresses, jeans and frilly tops. She’s also known for mixing designer clothes with street chic, so we had to ask Evelyn Choi about everything on-trend – and the trendy young star was compelled to give some helpful advice, and his notions of fashion do’s and don’ts.

Evelyn Choi, Actress-Model and Influencer

To Giorgio Armani
How has your fashion journey evolved?

I read a lot of fashion magazines and watch catwalks, but the most important part of my fashion journey has been the experience. My advice to others is simple: know yourself well and then you will know what kind of style suits your personality and shows the best of yourself.

Your Instagram feed is studded with labels for brands such as Gucci, Sacai, Miu Miu, Tods, Loewe and Giorgio Armani. What are your favorites?

I don’t have a favorite brand or designer per se because I think different brands have distinct characteristics that make them unique. I appreciate and appreciate every designer.

Tell us about your accessories journey.

I like to wear the same accessories a lot, but style them differently each time. How to choose a bag? Well, it’s pretty funny: I use my wallet as a stallion. Of course, I also check if the bag goes with my jeans, as well as my little black dress. A lot of people might go for a signature high-end brand look or a classic design. Somehow, I always end up loving new designs that embody the spirit of the brand.

Would you be influenced by a model or celebrity because they support a particular brand?

I usually decide for myself. A particular look or accessory may look good on a particular model, but not on me. That is why they are models. I believe that different people have their own styles and qualities. Pick a style that suits you, not others.

Does knowing that you influence young women make you more aware of what you wear and post on social media?

For sure. This is why I always share my #ootd (Outfit of the Day), not just because I want to share my fashion but, more importantly, because I want to give advice to girls to find their own style.

Who are your favorite Asian style designers and icons?

Three people come to mind: designers Jason Wu and Vera Wang, and model and influencer Kiwi Lee.

What a fashion oops have you had – and what did you learn from it?

I have to say that hip-hop style is really not my cup of tea. I tried wearing super oversized tops and wide low rise jeans and ended up looking very cropped and shapeless. But I wouldn’t call this style an ‘oops I made a mistake’, it just isn’t for me. I just can’t get away with it like the others.

Are there any shows you watch just for fashion?

I have to admit that I really like reality shows that help and encourage new and upcoming designers like Project Runway and Next in Fashion. It’s always good to see how they fight for their dreams – and as a viewer you can learn to see fashion from different angles as well. From the construction of the fabric to the window dressing, the journey of an outfit, from the designer’s first sketch to the final product is fascinating.

Evelyn Choi, actress, model and influencer
Wearing Chanel
If you had to go to the MET Ball, which would you wear?

Wow – I really don’t know what I would wear. Guess I need to see what the theme was first – it really starts from there, because the theme sets the tone. What I would wear for Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination would be very different from China: Through the Looking Glass.

How well do you work with stylists?

To be honest, I don’t usually work with stylists, as I like to choose my outfits myself – although sometimes I work with a stylist on commercials or magazine shoots. I respect all the stylists in Hong Kong – I think they are very professional.

What do you always have in your makeup bag?

Lip balm.

Beauty trends have moved away from glamor to skincare and wellness. What are your skin care tips?

My advice to readers is simple: less is always more. Don’t try to put a lot of products and products on your face if you are worried about your skin. I always remember that my body needs water. Good skin comes from the inside, not the outside, so for glowing and smooth skin, drink water.

Wearing Gucci
What’s your fashion advice for young girls – or boys?

You don’t have to follow a trend. Maybe you can create your own instead.

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