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The style is timeless. Either way, it always comes back and is used by another generation as a staple and means of expression.

Take shoes like the Nike blazers, arguably one of the most popular staples of the 1970s and they’ve made a comeback in 2022.

They can be expressed in different ways, being a stylish and comfortable sneaker to rock day to day. Style isn’t just what you wear or how you wear it, it’s a type of art and self-expression.

According Anna Dello Russo, editor-in-chief of Japanese VogueI believe fashion is a form of expression I don’t want to be cool; I want to be fashionable.

Russo also said, “Fashion is an art and allows for creativity through which one can have an individual identity that makes them special.”

There are people who pay big bucks for their streetwear and then there are others who now take advantage of thrift stores or consignment stores and find worthy items, being able to create an outfit on a budget.

As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Visualizing and coming up with a look that someone thought was worth throwing away, you found value and worth.

I think that’s the beauty of style and fashion, being able to create loud outfits that scream against the do’s and don’ts. For example, I always grew up hearing that you can’t mix black and brown.

Still, it’s always been one of my favorite combos. I still love to this day wearing the color combo no matter what opinions I hear from the fashion police.

The conflict with this was that color combinations that were too close together would not complement each other well. I do not agree.

Fashion is a masterpiece that coincides with your style but is created through adversity through each individual.

The there are no do’s or don’ts if you feel confident wearing it. Accessories, clothes, makeup, shoes, jewelry, it all comes together when you feel your best and confident.

There are those who believe that fashion is just what is fashionable, but it is the opposite.

Fashion is always changing but having style is timeless. Fashion becomes what designers and the cultural context of the world want it to be.

If you think back to the 70s, girls wore the cropped blouses and high waisted shorts that were popular at that time.

Today it is similar to some extent to the style except that it has now evolved with a modern twist due to the influence of each period on each generation.

The point is, you should be able to wear what you love, if it gives you confidence to express who you are to the world, do it.

Other people’s opinions will always be there, but it’s up to you to have fun with your fashion, to be bold, to be wild in the patterns or textures you choose.

Don’t let the company’s style box make you conform and think you’re not killing your outfit, because you are. Rock it and own it.

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