Fashion Day 2022: these styles are making a comeback

Fashion Day 2022: these styles are making a comeback

09 Jul 2022, 07:15
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Fashion styles from the 1990s and 2000s have made a comeback this year.

Fashion has always been a lifeblood of society, leading to the creation of an entire industry.

Having founded the House of Worth in Paris in 1826, Englishman Charles Frederick Worth became the world’s first modern fashion designer.

This July 9, as we celebrate Fashion Day, let’s take a look at how designers managed to bring back some styles this year.

Fashion from the 90s and early 2000s is back and how!

Fashion is like a cycle and a trend that somehow fell is making a comeback some 20 years later!

This is exactly what is happening now. We’re excited to see how cargo pants, sequin tops and dresses have made a comeback since the 90s.

Now you can wear the dresses your favorite actors wore in early 2000s Bollywood movies.

Make room in your shoe rack

In case you haven’t noticed them yet, platform sandals, platform pumps and skater sneakers are all the rage again!

Yes, those transparent fiber heels give you the Cinderella vibe, but can you imagine the comfort of those platform shoes that make you feel tall but safe?

Well, there are also those pointed stilettos, not a fan of minimal comfort, but they sure look chic.

What’s in the bags and other accessories?

Bowler bags and padded headbands are back in fashion.

Handbags with wooden or bamboo handles have made a comeback this season.

Micro bags that are more like small purses and oversized bags that can even hold a large dog are now in power. Talk about extremities!

Neon hobo bags and crossbody bags are also back from the 90s.

The open back is back in dresses, blouses and tops!

Crop tops, which disappeared making Bollywood fans think they were only for the movies, are back and a must try.

Neon lights are very trendy right now, as are pure kurtas like the ones from the 90s.

Wrap skirts, sequined mini dresses and standout collars will also dominate this year.

Wear these pants wherever you go

Low-rise jeans are no longer attractive, and the place has been claimed by high-rise and mid-rise jeans.

Ditch the skinny jeans and make room for boyfriend jeans, bell bottoms, boot cuts, cargo pants and patent leather pants.

Crop tops and high waisted boyfriend jeans have already become a raging trend.

Worried about the lack of pockets? The freighter is back to hold all your trinkets!

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