Fashion designer Elie Tahari shares his styling tips

Spring is in full swing. And just as flowers bloom, so may the desire to present themselves to the world with renewed vitality, a refreshed wardrobe included. Fashion designer Elie Tahari is a master at pivoting with panache: he rose to prominence as a sought-after designer of business suits before bringing his refined aesthetic to casual wear and separates. A new documentary, The United States of Elie Tahari, highlights her rise to prominence in the fashion industry. “It’s truly been an honor to share my life and experiences in this way,” said Tahari, who sat down with Oprah Daily to talk about the state of fashion, film, spring trends that excites her. the most and how to strike the perfect balance between comfort and style this season and beyond.

There’s a new film about your life and work, tell us about it.

Elie Tahari: It was truly an honor to be invited to share my life and experiences in this way. The United States of Elie Tahari means so much to me. I think most people will see it as an example of the American dream. I came from Israel to New York with $100 in my pocket and never left. Through a lot of hard work and desire, I managed to create something for myself and my family, and I hope the documentary gives people hope. I want people to believe that anything is possible, and I especially want my children to learn that from their father. No matter where you are in life, you can achieve and dream and reach the top if that’s what you want, but don’t let others define your idea of ​​success. Be true to yourself and to the goals you have set for yourself.

Colorful Choices

Do you think that comfort is now an integral part of the designer’s style equation?

HEY : Comfort is key, but I’ve always believed in it. I think when you go out, dress up and be classy! And when you dress more casually, you should feel relaxed and comfortable, but in style. Never sacrifice that. For me, working with stretchier, wrinkle-free fabrics is a very important part of designing as well as creating classic pieces that will last for many seasons.

How has work attire changed since the pandemic after so many people worked from home for so long?

HEY : The clothes have certainly become more casual, with a sporty touch, but everything was already going in this direction. There’s no reason not to look good on Zoom even if your colleagues only see the top half. This is where color and print become important, making a bold statement but also creating a classic look. Some of my favorite tops from my line are the primrose print crinkle chiffon style which has a bohemian vibe and can be worn with our vegan leather pants.

Ways to mix it up

What do you think women should consider buying for the new season?

HEY : I like the color. I still have. Our spring collection is alive with it. Some of my favorites are the embroidered backless midi dress in a soft lemony shade and the orchid short sleeve dart dress.

For the style, I like to mix the pieces [with different vibes] for a more modern version. For example, wear a tailored blazer with utility pants and a t-shirt. For a touch of casual luxury, I love a sporty hoodie but cashmere to make it cozy. For the day, I recommend pairing a vibrant silk satin camisole with white jeans. Have fun, mix and break the rules.

Spring accessories

What about accessories? What’s exciting about this space?

HEY : Women wear less, just the essentials. My spring collection contains beautiful shoulder bags. I also think shoes can define a look. A pair of strappy sandals can make denim look sexy, or a platform sneaker can elevate a chic dress.

What do you want your legacy to be?

    HEY : I am a blessed man. I had the opportunity to pursue my dreams and see them come true, but of all the gifts I have received in life, nothing compares to the gift of being a father. I have two amazing children, both entering adulthood. I couldn’t love them more or be more proud of them as they begin their journeys and pursue their own dreams. I hope to inspire them as they soar and navigate their own future. Following my passions is what has led to my success. I just want the same for my children.

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