Fashion-forward teen Nadia Lombardo shares her style inspirations

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St. Mark’s High School student Nadia Lombardo embraces high-end brands and a modernized 1970s aesthetic.

Your fashion mentor:

My sister Stefania is 22 and just graduated from St. Joseph’s University, where I hope to go too. She loves fashion, and I would describe her as boho stylish. She’s always taken the designer labels my mom loves and updated them with cool bohemian pieces. I learned a lot from her.

It’s the season :

Fall is the best season for clothes. I love the transition from an oversized cardigan with a miniskirt and Jordans, or a Burberry knit dress with Dr. Martens. I also love Urban Outfitters crop tops with high waisted jeans or drawstrings.

How to customize a school uniform?

I add a neutral sweatshirt and jewelry. I always get my nails done in a trendy color so I feel “dressed up”.

Favorite fashion era:

I love the modernized look of the 70s. I love the bohemian style: mini skirts, frayed jeans, peasant blouses and tie-dye shirts. I’m also tall, so mini and maxi dresses work for me.

Nadia Lombardo. Photo by Joe Del Tufo

Let’s talk about my generation:

I think my generation is embracing the style but is more relaxed than ever.

Tube tips:

On Carrie’s notebooks, [the main character] is a cool fashionista. She plays with patterns and textures that somehow work.

Icon Style:

Paris Hilton, because of her confidence.

Top stores:

Urban Outfitters, Free People, Nordstrom, Burberry at King of Prussia [Mall].

Oldest piece in your wardrobe:

My sister’s Burberry raincoat. She got it when she was 12, and when she got a new one, she passed it on to me.

Total number of stops:

Ill-fitting clothes or dirty clothes.

Never leave home without:

My crocheted Urban Outfitters bag, Louis Vuitton key pouch and Coconut Glossier Balm Dotcom (a lip balm).

Best bling:

A silver Gucci ring with interlocking turquoise Gs that I wear on my middle finger.

Accessory dependency?

I love Air Jordans because they have so many color combinations and they’re comfortable. Even though I’m very tall, I love wearing a pair of chunky heels!

Would not be taken dead in:

A neck rolls. They make me feel like I’m being strangled.

Hottest artist:

Post Malone. His style is “vibey”.

Why fashion is important:

It allows people to express their personality.

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