Fight frostbite with Furygan’s Heat X Kevlar Gloves

Furygan’s Heat X Kevlar Gloves ensure you don’t get frostbite on the bike when the weather gets a bit cooler. As part of the brand’s winter collection, the new heated gloves bring protection and convenience to the rider in an all-in-one package.

Made from a combination of goat leather, polyamide textile, softshell and high tenacity microfiber, the Furygan glove promises all the functionality and flexibility of a motorcycle glove with the added benefit of a Kevlar heating. Besides being bulletproof and having another protective layer on the inside of the glove, the material works well to provide the heat distribution associated with carbon fiber.

The Heat X Kevlar model is also an easy to use heated glove since it uses only one button to activate the self-regulating system. On top of that, you can download the MyFury Connect app on your smartphone to adjust the amount of heat the gloves will deliver to your mitts.

On the protection side, the Heat X Kevlar has a waterproof but breathable membrane and lining as well as 37.5 insulation which limits the humid air that can accumulate inside the gloves. The armor is provided by D3O and is located in the joint areas. These protection pieces allow the glove to achieve a CE rating of 1KP level.

Furygan also opted to give the glove a more futuristic look through the use of electronic patterns printed on the knuckle side of the glove. Speaking of electricity, if you buy this product it will come with a USB charging cable, but it will not come with the wall that you will need to plug it into the wall, but chances are you will have a spare part lying around the house. It takes two to three amps to charge and can be plugged into just about any USB port that delivers power.

Sizes range from S to 3XL and the gloves can be had for around US$330 (€299.00 EUR). Sizes and styles for men or women are available on the Furygan website if you decide to take the plunge. However, keep in mind that some sources claim the gloves may fit a size larger than listed, so adjust accordingly and order carefully.

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