Fiji Fashion Week becomes virtual and free


For the first time, people will have the opportunity to watch Fiji Fashion Week virtually and for free when it opens on November 22 this year.

Chief Executive Officer Ellen Whippy-Knight said her team recognized that while COVID-19 restrictions on physical events meant the loss of a particularly exciting atmosphere, recent growth in internet technology and media is creating the conditions. ideal for advancing fashion.

She says their main goal is to create a retail platform for fashion designers and designers in the fashion industry in Fiji.

The managing director said that with the support of Palmolive Fiji sponsors, they have worked with media partners, The Fiji Times, Fiji Television and Communications Fiji Limited to not only survive, but also thrive outside of mainstream media.

She says their long-time media partners and production suppliers have come together to create a virtual Fiji Fashion Week runway where designers essentially hold one-on-one fashion shows in beautiful, unique Fijian locations with no audiences and yet the component of broadcast means everyone is in the front row. to live.

She adds that with most people in Fiji, working from home and the event clothing market drastically reduced, members of the Fijian diaspora in countries where the pandemic was relatively under control contributed much of the sales. fashion in Fiji during the pandemic.

She adds that the obvious benefit for designers means that for the first time ever the reach of the content is wider than previous shows in this country and so far the only real benefit for FJFW is that they can continue. to learn from the innovations of their work.

Fiji Fashion Week Virtual will showcase the work of 15 designers where a combination of the best established and brightest new emerging designers will be screened November 22-27 on Fiji Television with simultaneous interactive digital events across a network of partners and media platforms. .

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