Future 50: Real Projects marks the centenary of eLearning


Norwich-based e-learning specialists Real Projects marked a milestone earlier this month by launching the 100th course in its library.

The Future 50 program is supported by partner companies
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The company started growing its portfolio of digital learning resources in 2012. “We probably had about 12 live in that first year,” says managing director Scott Hewitt. “Then we stopped, to focus on custom work.

“We did a lot of really good custom work, but we always wanted to have our own course library. So, about 18 months ago, we started over and really went for it – we did the rest during that time.

The courses cover a range of topics – from cybersecurity to remote work and other key business topics to areas related to Covid and de-escalation. Real Projects works with subject matter experts to develop the content, using their skills to integrate it into effective and easy-to-follow online lessons. “The concept now is that the lessons are quite short. The average should be between four and 15 minutes – and 15 minutes is actually a very long time, ”Hewitt said.

Real Projects teleworking course

The remote work course series has been a huge success

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“We just launched a hybrid work course group and a data and business course group,” he adds. “There will invariably be between three and six lessons in a series, because when someone completes a lesson, they will want to go to the next one.

Real project health and safety workshop

There is even a workshop on setting up your home office.
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Real projects traveling for work class

Real Projects courses cover everything from travel for work to cybersecurity
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The course library also helps develop the personalized course activity. Mr. Hewitt explains, “Someone might say, ‘We’ve looked at this particular library course – now we want something a little more specific to our organization.’

“The main thing is that the same production values ​​are applied to both. The customer gets the same quality of product – the difference being that with custom work, we have to spend a lot of time with the customer, to make sure every bit of granularity is correct.

Price of real projects

It has been a good year for Real Projects, collecting awards for its online courses
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The quality of the library’s courses has already helped eight of them win awards this year – most recently at the Viddy and Dot.Comm Awards. “It’s great that they are recognized,” says Hewitt, “But we deliver that quality across the board. “

For more information, see www.realprojects.co.uk

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