Gotham Knights: how to unlock all the combinations of the game

To unlock costume transmogs in Gotham Knights, you must first unlock a particular costume style. You’ll start out with certain styles available to you, but the more styles you unlock and create throughout the game, the more transmog options you’ll eventually gain.

Once you’ve unlocked your favorite Transmog suit style, open the Batcomputer, go to the Gear section and select “Styles”. There you will be able to apply any costume style you have unlocked to your current outfit. This will make your current outfit look like the costume style you selected. Above all, changing the style of a costume via the Transmog option will have no impact on its statistics. It will only change the appearance of the costume. This system helps ensure that your best gear doesn’t have to be tied to a style you’re not a fan of.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t currently appear possible to customize individual parts of a transmog outfit at this time. So, if you discover or craft a powerful Shinobi costume for your character, you can customize the different parts of that Shinobi costume through the crafting system. However, if you transmog that Shinobi outfit to look like a Neon Noir outfit, it will still look like the default Neon Noir outfit. Truth be told, it’s a pretty poor customization system that pales in comparison to similar systems featured in games like World of Warcraft and Fate.

How to Unlock Color Combinations in Gotham Knights

Costume Colorways allow you to change the color and designs of your current costume’s cowl, symbol, gloves, and boots. The specifics of what aspects of a costume you can modify are somewhat dependent on its style, but the basics remain the same. If you want to customize the look of your current outfit, you’ll need to unlock the Colorway which allows you to apply a different color or look at specific parts of your costume.

Colors in Gotham Knights are unlocked by completing various in-game objectives. Much like unlocking suits, there doesn’t appear to be a specific way to acquire specific colorways at this time. As you complete various objectives, missions, and battle sequences, you’ll randomly unlock different Colorway options that can be applied to different parts of your outfit.

To apply an unlocked Colorway to your current costume, return to the Gear section of the Batcomputer menu and select the “Styles” option. Here you will be able to apply the colorways you have unlocked so far to your current costume style.

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