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As you all know, Masoom Minawala likes to try new spaces when it comes to digital content. Wearing a mix of acclaimed international and local designers, she does her best to bring Indian fashion to the world. With so many awards and accolades up her sleeve, she’s not only a reputable influencer, but a growing entrepreneur as well. She now hosts a social media-exclusive reality series that documents her journey through the fashion cities of the world as she covers the industry’s biggest event, FASHION WEEK! In her caption, she says – “I would like you to walk with me virtually for the next 2 weeks as I discover the story behind the glitz and glamor of the runway.” Now let’s watch the trailer below.

Are you excited, let’s go!

Episode 1:

What’s this ‘ah-mazing content looks like! Ngl, you have come a long way Masoom. We can’t help but wait for the next episodes. In the meantime, let’s take a look at some of her Fashion Weeks Lewks now. Let’s go?

A beautiful young lady who makes people green with envy! That look defo turned a lot of heads, and people love the juxtaposition of the emerald outfit against the backdrop of the streets of Paris.

talk about the LV show, she wrote on instagram“The Louis Vuitton the runway has been decorated to be a grand ballroom, celebrating a mix of designs from different eras, but not without a contemporary twist. It was like stepping into a time machine where retro haute couture meets futuristic elements.

Kill at Hermes event, Masoom also wore a jaw-dropping outfit Vaishali S Couture held at the Hermes To show. “In line with my mission to bring Indian fashion to the world, I consciously wore a lot of emerging Indian designers. I chose a khadi work outfit from Vaishali Studio. It was really important for me to highlight and to be able to show the world what Indian fashion and designers have to offer,” she said.

Stroll through the fashion capital! Many of her looks, whether on the streets or in airports, have a simple elegance. She looks chic yet comfy and we can’t help but want all of her outfits!

Another outfit she wore had a note written in Devnagiri script on a sweatshirt paired with a skirt, accessorized with a bag giving her outfit a chic look.

Masoom Minawala Mehta took over the internet after walking the red carpet at Cannes film festival 2021 in stunning white chiffon saree stitched by Indian fashion designer Manish Malhotra. She defo stood out in her shimmering sequined saree with trailing cape sleeves that followed her on either side.

Today, Masoom Minawala is one of the most acclaimed luxury and fashion designers. She is Indian but currently resides in Belgium and has managed to build herself a powerful social media empire. She is a firm believer in the importance of bringing Indian fashion to a global level and has managed to do so through her profession. Masoom is bins create an impact on a global level and we are all for it! On another note, we hope you all are vaccinated and stay safe. In the meantime, follow @missmalintendances to learn more about your favorite influencers and creators.

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