How a mattress maker will fill its new 17,000 square foot showroom

Kingsdown’s new, expanded showroom in Las Vegas will showcase over 25 new products, including additions to the Vintage collection.

MEBANE, NC – Entering the Las Vegas market next week, mattress maker Kingsdown has several new product initiatives underway to fill its relocated 17,000 square foot showroom located in the World Market Center in C- 1401.

The showroom doubles the company’s previous showroom and will feature more than 25 new mattresses in four collections.

Kingsdown will showcase products from its Vintage, Insignia, Anniversary and Zedbed collections, all presented under the company’s new “Style and Substance” theme.

The hand-tufted Vintage collection and the Insignia collection, a hybrid line of eight mattresses, will both be introduced with new fabric designs; Zedbed, the company’s premium foam line, gets a fabric refresh and a new graphite model; and Anniversary, Kingsdown’s entry-level luxury collection, will feature more than a dozen models.

When designing the new showroom, Kingsdown focused on enhancing the sleeping experience, as well as design, craftsmanship and luxury. The showroom also includes a marketing communications space to help retailers promote brands.

“We have upgraded the appearance of many of our collections and our new showroom reflects the high-end luxury brand image,” said Frank Hood, President and CEO. “Affluent consumers are redefining what luxury means to them today. They want products with real style and substance now, and the kind of restful sleep experience Kingsdown delivers night after night. We can’t wait to share this history with retailers and designers in this exceptional space.”

The new Zedbed range will take pride of place in the new Kingsdown showroom.

Zedbed, the company’s premium infused foam line, will also offer new copper models featuring the company’s perforated Copper VX foam for increased airflow. Designed with engineered foam cores, Zedbed products are compatible with adjustable bases. Mattresses and pillows are made with eco-friendly, soy-based foams infused with botanicals like Lavender, Citrus, Coconut Charcoal, and Eucalyptus.

“Zedbeds look different and they feel different thanks to specially formulated infused foams that provide a spa-like sleeping experience,” Hood said.

Zedbed and Kingsdown joined forces in 2018 when Owen & Co. merged with Kingsdown.

Kingsdown’s Vintage collection combines high coil count and patented motion separation construction with ultra-soft, breathable latex and natural materials like pure cotton, ethically sourced New Zealand Joma wool, wool alpaca from Peru and horsehair imported from the UK. Retail prices range from $3,499 to $12,999 in queen.

“Our Vintage collection offers the kind of old-world construction rarely seen today and is emblematic of our rich history of handcrafted perfection achieved by generations of master craftsmen who take exceptional pride in a time-consuming manufacturing process,” said said Hood. “Vintage embodies the kind of exceptional design, craftsmanship and materials that affluent consumers identify with luxury goods of authentic style and substance.”

All eight mattresses from Insignia feature new fabrics with Secure Stitch spiral quilting, with up to two-inch seams in the first comfort layer to help resist body impressions. Phase change materials are included in the surface layer cooling foams to absorb excess heat. Special infused foams placed near the core of the mattress aid cooling by drawing heat away from the sleeper. Wrapped coils with a posturized center third contour the body and provide custom support for sleep. Retail prices range from $1,399 to $2,699 in queen.

Kingsdown expands the Anniversary collection with four mattresses ranging in retail price from $699 to $1,399 queen. Features include specialty copper, gel and graphite infused foams, wrapped coils, tri-zone support and a comfy duvet with cooling gel fibers on the surface of the mattress.

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