How big should the fashion be?


Matthew Williams, who presented a positively gorgeous video for an unusually Californian 1017 Alyx 9SM collection, told me the biggest change he’s seen this year is in the appetite for video. “We’ve always made films for Alyx,” he said, but “the industry, buyers and customers are much more open to seeing fashion film as a medium. They really are. watching these videos. I have noticed that when I go to, say, Dover Street, groups of young people in their twenties move from section to section like pilgrims on some kind of religious journey, checking out the different collections and kneeling down. . They aren’t even here to buy anything – knowledge, and now all of that books, videos, and content, are just as much a product as the clothes themselves. ““ People take the time to kiss and look and really look and feel, ”as Williams said.

Courtesy of Lemaire.
Courtesy of Lemaire.
Courtesy of Lemaire.

So with all of that in mind, seeing something that just grooves is a relief to the eyes and the mind. No crisis here, we know exactly what we are doing. Lemaire and Hermès are brands that always stick to their guns. You might be blamed for being an act of novelty, but if you’re a designer like Christopher Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran, or Véronique Nichanian d’Hermès, consistency is a sign of integrity. When every brand tries to reinvent itself, to go back to another era or to be sent by Cactus Jack, there is an extremely satisfying serenity in clothes, like those of Lemaire, designed for the sophisticated and like those of Hermès, who makes objects to live well. Lemaire in particular lacked a certain crunch this season, but in a very good way – it’s the plain cottons and khakis that a brand like Banana Republic is trying to solidify with just a few drops of fashion. Not too much. And Hermès, one of the only brands in the world with a sense of humor, showed it a bit with some really cool big shorts and tie-dye sweaters. It was perfectly without hype.

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