How This Nigerian Fashion Designer Secured The SHEIN Collection While Creating A Change In The LA Community

To encounter Ngozika Okekethe Nigerian designer who secured two collections with a popular online retailer SHEIN because it creates a positive impact in the Los Angeles community.

Okeke grew up as a size-inclusive creative designer while earning a Ph.D. in organizational behavior and entrepreneurship. She puts meaning behind each of them Ngozika Okeke Clothing pieces by donating a percentage of each item sold to a local non-profit organization focused on helping survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence.

Okeke uses her clothing business to spread messages of hope, self-love and body positivity.

“The inspiration behind Ngozika Okeke Clothing is simply to embrace all parts of you and help enhance the human experience for someone else,” Okeke said. BLACK CORPORATE.

On July 25, Okeke released her second collection under the name of SHEIN X program dedicated to building small independent designers based on a mission like her. The pieces in the collection are all about helping others find a way to balance all the parts that make them special.

“It’s amazing to have been invited by SHEIN to collaborate on a second collection,” Okeke said. “I never could have imagined 14 years ago that a top global brand like SHEIN would reach out to me to collaborate with them and help me grow my personal brand. I am truly grateful for their support and collaboration.

(Courtesy of Ngozika Okeke/SHEIN)

The pieces in the collection are bold, colorful and full of flavor meant to put the wearer at the center of attention.

“This second collection is full of flowers, and I love everything about it,” Okeke explained. “I feel like this collection is much more cohesive than the first and each piece works together to tell a delightful story.”

Ngozika started working with SHEIN X in early 2021 and in less than a year secured a second collection. The SHEIN X program aims to discover and empower independent designers who introduce their talent to millions of people around the world and provide them with tools, marketing, manufacturing and financial support, so they can focus on their fashion. and their art.

“SHEIN has helped amplify my apparel brand by making my collections available to millions of customers around the world,” Okeke said. “SHEIN does an amazing job marketing collections both on their website and on social media.”

“I know firsthand that many independent designers have amazing designs and products, but the lack of visibility and reach is what tends to keep them from succeeding,” she continued.

“SHEIN tags, promotes and interviews many of their SHEIN X designers to help them gain as much exposure as possible and showcase their collections to customers.”

(Courtesy of Ngozika Okeke/SHEIN)

“Working with SHEIN has been amazing as my first SHEIN X collection not only exceeded retail expectations, but also brought record numbers of SHEIN customers to my design website, www.NgozikaOkeke.comand my latest product website, (a 3XL shower cap).

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