How to Design a T-Shirt Online: Top 10 Services


Whether you want it as a gift, a personal statement or an advertising tool, you can design your own t-shirt very easily, thanks to the twenty or so services available online. With your creativity and expertise in printing, your custom tops can be stars.

Here are several great services to turn to for your t-shirt design needs. Some are best on a budget, while others can accommodate your more complex ideas. Choose wisely and you can expect clothes you’ll love.

Custom ink t-shirt design

Your first stop should be Custom Ink, a versatile and reliable company. It has a range of styles, from cotton tank tops to tie-dye long sleeve t-shirts, which you can color and decorate however you like.

It allows you to upload your own images or use predefined illustrations. There are also tools for custom text, as well as named and numbered folders. If you have any special requests for the Custom Ink team, like sleeve printing, you can add notes about them with your order.

In terms of price, your final quote depends on the type, design and quantity of t-shirts, not to mention your shipping destination. For example, a single white short-sleeved top with a few colors can cost a little over $ 20. Buy in bulk, however, and you get discounts.

Custom Teespring t-shirt design

There are many websites that sell t shirts online, but some customers need more. If you want a platform dedicated to you as a brand, for example, consider Teespring. After creating an account, you can design all kinds of products, including t-shirts, for you and your customers.

Ordering your own top involves the same process as Custom Ink. You choose a style and personalize its appearance with text, color, images or logos. Teespring will also suggest other styles using the same design, all intended to help with branding decisions.

It is one of the cheaper websites out there, especially with its free shipping to the US and various discounts. If you prefer to buy in bulk, you can manage your spending even better.

Dashboard print t-shirt design

There are other services with a similar focus to Teespring, but less intense in the way they meet your merchandising needs. Printful is easy to use and rich in tools to personalize your t-shirts, among other products.

Unlike other websites, you can quickly design different parts of the top including the sleeves and the outer label. If you haven’t created your own illustrations, you have access to stock images right from the dashboard, as well as clipart and text.

Along with plenty of information about each design, Printful even has helpful tutorials ready and waiting. Considering its range of services and the quality of its end products, the total cost can be a godsend.

Bonfire t-shirt design dashboard and features

Here is a very user-friendly company that can satisfy both personal and more important projects. Bonfire offers its own simple yet convenient options for a one-time purchase, an online store, or for a campaign, such as fundraising.

The design process involves your basic steps of choosing the top, text, and images. You can also choose from a variety of t-shirt colors.

Depending on whether you buy the t-shirts or sell them online, the platform directs you to the corresponding page. In the first case, total expenses decrease with bulk orders, while the second route costs you nothing and can generate decent income for your cause or brand.

Coffee press design t-shirt

For a simpler approach, try services like CafePress. Simply choose between t-shirt styles and colors before entering your text or uploading your artwork. There are no clipart or other options to complicate matters.

In terms of downloads, your files should be in JPG or PNG format, and should also have a transparent background. Other than bringing your own art and placing it on the t-shirt, everything else should be simple and affordable.

Zazzle Design T-shirt with Icons and Text

Here is another good choice for quickly designing great t-shirts and other products. Zazzle’s clothing editor is easy to access, which offers all of the same options as premium services, including clipart.

The dashboard navigation is a little less user-friendly, but it has a lot of tools to have fun. You can even invite friends to help you design or share your creation before printing.

The prices and discounts on Zazzle are reasonable. For example, an adult t-shirt can cost $ 17.45. Children’s models are cheaper, but it all depends on their complexity.

Spreadshirt t-shirt design award

It is good to have a variety of options for where to get t shirts online. Spreadshirt is also simple to use, allowing you to upload images, share your designs, and save them for later completion.

Even without a personalized download, you can create unique designs, thanks to its free, ready-to-use illustrations. There is also a premium selection, but you pay a small fee for each image.

You can adjust the text as much as the art. Besides changing its font, size and color, for example, try folding it to create some fun effects.

Spreadshirt isn’t the cheapest when it comes to single t-shirts, but its bulk order discounts are worth it. If you want to print a lot of tops, keep this service in mind.

Redbubble Sell your artwork

Simplifying the process even further, with Redbubble you simply upload your own artwork, whether it’s images or text, and the service prints it. This is another branding platform, so you will get more out of it if you sell merchandise.

To design t-shirts here, you must first create an account by clicking the button Sell ​​your art button on the home page. From your dashboard, you can then upload illustrations and see what they look like on different products.

In terms of t-shirts, the only things you can adjust are the color of the top and the size and placement of the image. Once you save the design of the products you want to sell, they will appear on Redbubble’s platform for you and visitors to order.

Adobe Spark design image for T-shirt

Most of the above services have one thing in common: the ability to upload an image for your t-shirt. Custom art can make a top even more special, so you can try using two different platforms instead, one for design and one for print.

Adobe Spark is one of the best places to put together fun and professional illustrations. You can start with a free account, which has limited but still great features, from beautiful stock images to eye-catching fonts. Upgrading to a premium subscription gives you more tools.

Whichever you choose, you can upload your design in the dimensions and file format your printing service needs to produce a good t-shirt. The whole process takes longer than using a single website, but you will enjoy the end result more.

Placeit t-shirt design editor

A final platform to consider only for your t-shirt art design is Placeit. Here, too, you can create a free or paid account, both of which give you a variety of tools.

For starters, you can choose from ready-made templates and modify them as you like. The quality and gamut of these images is high, so a few tweaks and you should be very happy with your creation.

On the other hand, you can start from scratch for something really unique. Add multiple lines of text and experiment with images, shapes, and graphics. See what they look like on different types of t-shirts.

From there, you can share, save, and download the file. When looking for the right printing service, identify which ones can efficiently transfer your design to clothing, but also which ones will cost the least, especially if you want multiple units.

Let the different trends inspire you

It is quite easy to get matching t shirts for you and your friends by applying emoji and slogan on your design. For projects that need to make an impact, however, you need to think outside the box while choosing the best online services for the job.

Find ideas from the styles that exist around you, whether it is clothing cut or particular colors and patterns. Take notes and photos so you can refer to them as you produce the perfect t-shirt.

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