How to make your own bird bath


THE Southlands Sun is obsessed with birds – we love to discover new species in the area, love to watch them jump around the garden and enjoy the feeling of blossoming helping take care of the wildlife.

This DIY is an easy, economical solution to a fancy birdbath, allowing you to go as sophisticated or simple as your budget allows.

Essentials and instructions for your bird bath:

  • Your selection of pots and saucers are the first items on the list. These should vary in size, depending on the look you are going for.
  • You can either create a two or four tier tub by using large pots of the same size. The bottom pot goes upside down and the second pot is placed the right way up on top. The two jars should line up at their base, or at their opening, depending on how many levels you have. Place a large saucer on top of the final pot as an actual bathing area for the birds.
  • Go for a multi-stacked look by using extra large to medium pots, all stacked upside down inside the previous container. Place an appropriately sized saucer on top of the last pot. By keeping that look stacked, you can even add another smaller saucer inside the larger one. The multi-layered pot edges create plenty of room for creative designs.
  • Create a fountain theme, starting with two pots of the same size with their bases together. Place pot number two on pot number one. Place a large saucer on top of the second pot with a medium pot upside down, above the saucer. Add a smaller saucer to the medium pot, then place a smaller pot on top. You can continue this cascading fountain look, using as many sizes of drop down pots and saucers as you want. See how small you can go for fun!
  • Use superglue, a glue gun, or cement to secure the bases or openings of the jars together. This will add structural integrity to your design and prevent the pots from sliding off each other.
  • Use sand or pebbles to fill your pots if possible. Add weight to your birdbath and half-fill the jars with your chosen load. This will also help protect against strong winds.
  • Paint and decorate. Kids will enjoy painting pots and spending some creative time outdoors. You might also want to go super chic and use mosaic tiles, glass pebbles, cute stencils for painting, other potted plants, or incorporate rustic elements like driftwood.

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