How to watch “Far from the tree”, Disney before “Encanto”

If you’ve got seven minutes to spare and you’re looking for some deeply meaningful insight into parenting, do yourself a favor and watch Disney’s new short. Far from the tree. The seven-minute short premiered before the Disney feature film Encanto, and a bit like Encanto himself, Far from the tree manages to deepen certain difficult family dynamics. Without saying a single word.

Far from the tree Immerse yourself in the fears and protection of parents

Far from the tree Designer Natalie Nourigat took a look at different styles of parenting and what it feels like to break harmful cycles. Set in the Pacific Northwest, the animated short sees a young raccoon following an adult raccoon who is presumably its parent to a beach just beyond the forest. The curious little raccoon wants to explore the beach but the adult, who is missing one eye and still frowning, does not allow it. Clearly scared of what might happen to the little raccoon, but that protection translates into anger. As the little raccoon tries to play with puffins, search for clams, and listen to the waves inside a seashell, they are pushed back into a cave over and over again. The viewer understands why when the little raccoon crosses a coyote and is injured before being rescued.

And what it feels like to break harmful cycles …

This raccoon is coming of age with its own baby, and we see the cycle of protection continue. Until they realize that they are scaring the little raccoon and eventually learning how to keep it safe by showing them the coyote and allowing them to help them under their watchful eye. Far from the tree is a moving description of how a parent’s fear can affect their child and what it looks like when that child learns to break the cycle by living with fear instead of allowing him to overcome it.

The short film is based on Nourigat’s reflection on parenthood and his own observations. “It was based on something really personal – growing up in Oregon, going to the beach with my family and how special it was to all be together. I’m in my mid-thirties and wonder if I’ll ever bring a little person to the beach… I’m just thinking about parenthood and the complexity of it, ”Nourigat told NPR. “Seeing some of my friends go through this and their struggles with what do they want to repeat? What don’t they want to repeat? And to realize, when they get there, how difficult it is and to understand a little more what their parents have been able to live with them.

How to watch Far from the tree

“Far From The Tree” is a nice Disney short film.

Far from the tree is available as a standalone short for streaming on Disney +, or it can be seen in theaters early in Encanto.

Both Encanto and Far from the tree look at family dynamics from a new perspective. The Disney short is all about trying to relearn old patterns, accepting danger as part of your parenting life, and finding a better path if the one you experienced as a child left you with scars. Raccoons. Apparently they have learned the secret.

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