How to wear Jordans: a guide for men


Want to wear your new Air Jordan sneakers with your outfits but don’t know where to start?

Although Jordans go well with different types of clothing, you need to be careful with size and colors. When styled properly, these sneakers can complement your outfits and give you a more fashionable look.

Air Jordans never go out of style and are designed to meet your casual wear needs. They are also available in several models and price ranges depending on your fashion choices and your shoe budget.

You can join the growing number of stylish sneakers if you know how to wear them correctly. Here are seven style tips on how to wear Jordans:

Get the right size

Your Air Jordans should match the size of your feet to avoid discomfort and avoid injury. Check the size chart of the shoes you buy to make sure they fit your feet properly.

If you have wider feet, choose trainers that are half a size larger than your shoe size. Check the back or the insole of your current shoes to know your shoe size when shopping for the sneakers online. Contact the customer service of the supplier if you want help with the size of the Air Jordan 4 sneakers.

Size below if there is a 2 inch margin between the front of the shoes and your toes. Oversized Jordans are very uncomfortable for walking or playing your favorite sports. On the other hand, those that are too tight can injure your toes and make you feel pain when you walk or play.

Pair your Jordans with taller tops

Since Jordans are quite bulky, you need to wear them with larger shirts to balance the volume. You will look like you have huge feet if you pair these sneakers with tight tops.

If you’re not comfortable with taller tops, you can layer your tops to achieve the same effect. For example, you can combine your hoodie with a jacket for a more stylish look. You can even put on a loose jacket or sweater with the sneakers to look stylish.

Wear the trainers with classic pants

While it can be tempting to show off your Air Jordans with skinny pants, you might end up with a bland look. Skinny pants pair well with Jordans because they don’t make your legs look slimmer or distract from your sneakers like skinny pants do. You will also get a more balanced and comfortable look with them.

Wear your classic cut pants with tops for a simple and elegant look. Fold them at the ends to show off your Jordans when you walk.

Pair your skinny jeans with smaller low top sneakers for a laid back, laid back look. You should also experiment with different colorways to add a touch of flair to your fashion choices.

Play with texture

Combine your Air Jordans with pant textures like corduroy and distressed denim to make them stand out. Avoid textures reserved for evening wear as they might not pair well with sneakers.

With texture added to your outfit, your sneakers and pants will be the center of attention. The textured fabric will show up on its own without the shoes feeling out of place.

Get textured stockings with patterned fabrics, zippers and pockets to make your outfit more attractive. Avoid textures that are too dull or too shiny when styling sneakers so that they are visible.

Wear shorts that hit on or above your knee

Jordans pair well with shorts as long as they aren’t oversized or too skinny. Your shorts should also reach the knees or be above the knees to complement your sneakers.

Long shorts can make your legs look short and feel awkward overall when paired with Jordans. The shorts should cover most of your thighs to fit sneakers.

Choose textures like distressed denim to make the shorts and Jordans stand out. The shorts should also have fewer pockets and zippers for the same effect.

Pair your socks with sneakers

Wear socks in colors that match an element of your Air Jordan. You will look more stylish if the socks rhyme with the color scheme of the sneakers. Try swapping out the laces of your Jordans for a more vibrant option that matches the color of your socks.

Avoid wearing formal socks with your Air Jordans if you are going for a more casual and relaxed look. The texture of the socks should match that of your socks and complement your sneakers.

Some sellers offer a free pair of socks to go with the new Jordans you just purchased. You can even shop around their store for socks that rhyme with sneakers.

Let your Air Jordans stand out

Air Jordans are designed to stand out with their eye-catching color palettes and designs. You can make them stand out by pairing them with understated outfits or neutral-colored clothes. Jordan sneakers can also stand out when you wear them with clothes made of simple materials and featuring classic shapes.

Your current outfit selection will determine the type of patterns and colors to choose when purchasing Air Jordans. Sneakers should always be the center of attention when paired with stylish clothing. Outfits with sticky patterns and colors can distract from your Jordan shoes and make them unnoticeable.

If you don’t know the colors, pair your Jordans with neutral colors like gray, white, black, and navy. You should also go for neutral patterns and dull textures to make your Jordans look more appealing.

Need more advice on how to wear Jordans?

Overall, always maintain a balance of color and style when wearing Jordans to look classy. You can also search famous fashion designers and artists for more inspiration on how to wear Jordans. Don’t forget to add your sense of style to complete the outfit and make it more personal.

We hope this guide has answered all the questions you have been wondering about styling the Jordans. Browse our blog posts to learn more about the latest trends and styles.

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