If you bought it from Macy’s, stop using it immediately, officials warn


For many of us, Macy’s is the quintessential department store. In business since 1858 and with more than 570 branches across the country, the chain is a popular destination for a variety of products, from home goods and clothing, to some of the country’s most trusted brands. But to ensure quality and safety, Macy’s has just voluntarily recalled an item from a well-known manufacturer. The recall calls on consumers with the product to stop using it immediately, as it poses a threat. Read on to find out if you have this potentially dangerous item at home.

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On September 29, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reported that Macy’s had voluntarily recalled Martha Stewart Oil and Vinegar Burettes. The products are conical clear glass containers. They have a square base and a metal spout for pouring oil or vinegar from the top. When purchasing, the number 608356787608 was printed on a label linked to the product. In addition, a clear label with the Martha Steward logo has been placed near the base of the product. The recall concerns approximately 26,150 burettes.

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Recalls often occur when there is a threat to consumer safety. In this case, the reason for the recall is due to the danger posed by the product if it breaks. According to the recall statement, “the glass part of the burettes may break during use, posing a risk of laceration.” This recall follows Macy’s receipt of at least six reports of broken glass cruets. On three occasions, the rupture resulted in lacerations, two of which ultimately required stitches.

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If you have the recalled item, Macy’s wants you to take action. The recall calls on any consumer who has the burettes at home to immediately stop using them due to the risk of injury. To obtain a refund on the recalled product, you can either return it to a Macy’s store or contact Macy’s to return the item using free shipping. According to the recall statement, you will get a full refund.

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The Martha Stewart Collection Oil & Vinegar Burette is not the only product Macy’s recalled recently. On July 16 of this year, Macy’s recalled the Alfani Center Seam Missy & Petite Straight Pants because there was mold discovered on some items. And earlier, on May 26, Macy’s recalled My Little Steamer and My Little Steamer Go Mini, which were also sold on Amazon, Target, Walmart, Lowes and Bed Bath & Beyond, after hundreds of consumers reported that the steamer had leaked or sprayed. water, causing burns.

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