I’m a huge Dollar Tree fan – some of the kitchen items are great quality and last for years, but there’s one key thing to avoid

THIS Dollar Tree super fan says the store has plenty of kitchen items that could last for years due to their excellent quality, but there is one key product to avoid the next time you’re there.

According a recent video house and lifestyle expert Maddi, who goes by the username @peachyymaddi On TikTok, there are specific brands of cookware that are quite reliable at Dollar Tree.


Home and lifestyle expert Maddi says sticking to name-brand cookware at Dollar Tree is the way to goCredit: Tik Tok / peachyymaddi
Maddi Says Dollar Tree Oven Mitts Don't Have Enough Protection


Maddi Says Dollar Tree Oven Mitts Don’t Have Enough ProtectionCredit: Tik Tok / peachyymaddi

“When it comes to kitchenware at Dollar Tree, McCormick and Betty Crocker are going to be your best friends,” says Maddi.

She then shows viewers McCormick kitchen utensils like a few affordable but still quality spatulas.

According to Maddi, these are not only the safest options, but also the most reliable for your needs.

“These are the safest options, they are the proven ones,” she says.

Maddi explains that she’s also owned some of the Dollar Tree spoons for over five years now.

She insists that it’s best to stick to name brands whenever possible for Dollar Tree cookware, and also notes that Cooking Concepts’ branding is best avoided.

“Definitely lean towards the big name Dollar Tree brands and stay away from Cooking Concepts,” says Maddi.

While she doesn’t detail any specific reasoning as to why, based on what she’s detailed about the quality and reliability of other brands, it’s likely that she thinks Cooking Concepts cookware is lacking in these areas.

However, rather than focusing on a specific brand, the one item that should stay off your Dollar Tree list is their oven mitts, according to Maddi.

“There’s just no room to change my mind like I’ve been burned so many times,” Maddi claims.

Based on personal experiences, oven mitts seem to not sufficiently protect the wearer from the heat of anything they catch with them.

She has previously made videos detailing her disapproval of oven mitts.

However, other Dollar Tree shoppers had differing opinions, noting that they had no bad experiences with the item.

“Am I the only one who doesn’t burn my oven mitts? I literally only buy these😂,” one shopper noted.

The US Sun contacted Dollar Tree for comment on the product’s effectiveness.

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