Innovators Awards 2022: The Do’s and Don’ts for a Quality Nomination

July 28, 2022

Purdue Northwest’s Society of Innovators has opened applications for the 2022 Innovators Awards. In addition to inducting individual and team winners into the Society, three unique awards will be considered: the Richard C. Sussman Award for Team Innovation, the Society of Innovators Fellows, and the John H Davies for his lifetime achievement.

Innovation can sometimes be confused with mere accomplishment, invention, creativity and even entrepreneurship. The Society of Innovators defines innovation as the creative thinking and development of ideas that provide solutions, add value, and are implemented as new or different products, processes, services, and social initiatives.

Simply put: innovation is a new solution that brings value to the community. It can be found in all walks of life and is important for existing organizations as well as startups. The company’s Innovator Awards are intended to recognize the people behind the innovation taking place in Northwest Indiana.

Nominations for the Society’s 2022 Innovator Awards are now open

Who is eligible to be nominated? Remember these important facts:

  • Today, every sector – education and government, business and industry, and the nonprofit community – must be innovative. Applications from all sectors and industries are encouraged.
  • Technology is often linked to innovation, but it is not a prerequisite. Often, technology is simply the tool or medium used to solve problems or add value. Applications are encouraged for innovations that provide a new solution, with or without a technology component.
  • Anyone can be an innovator! Alumni of the Society of Innovators range from high school students to older retirees. Applications are encouraged from innovators of all ages, backgrounds, races and experiences.
  • Anyone who lives or works in northwest Indiana is eligible. Teams from an individual company, government unit, non-profit organization or group of organizations of a specific project will be considered. Not all team members need to be located in Northwest Indiana, but the team leader must be based here to be eligible.

While the awards recognize the people behind the work, our judging committee will also consider the innovations these people are responsible for. An innovation must meet the following criteria:

  • He proposes a new solution. Does the innovation address a need, problem or opportunity in a new or unique way?
  • It benefits society. What value or benefit does the innovation bring to the end user?
  • It creates value. Is there quantifiable evidence of the success of the innovation such as revenue generated, patents received, cost savings achieved, grants received, media coverage, etc. ?

Nominations are accepted until Friday, September 9. You can easily name a person and/or a project team. Remember that you can submit as many nominations as you like and self-nominations are also encouraged!

Please provide all the details you can for the innovator you are nominating. You can preview nomination form questions before starting.



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